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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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Hello folks!

Well, it is now time to kick this endeavor of making it straight to the top of the wrestling world to the next level.

As I have preached to you monkeys before, it takes more then learning how to do some moves that makes you a quality wrestler. There are actually so many facets and levels it takes to become a well rounded performer, that to master them all would be a complete impossibility. The really good wrestlers master one or two aspects, and have a very good understanding of several more. So, like I said, you need to learn the moves, the basics are your solid foundation. Beyond that you need to learn the subtleness of psychology, how to control the crowd, how to keep them wanting more, captivated by all you do in the ring. You need to learn how to talk, to fire off promos, and within that aspect you have several other things to learn. You need to learn how to focus your thoughts to whatever it is you want to convey with PASSION. You have to learn how to look angry, sound sad, act perplexed and often times within the same 40 second camera shot. You have to practice on when you get in that ring, you OWN that ring! You need to learn that when you are shooting in front of a camera, both TV and still shots, that the person looking in feels like you are talking just to them, and the same goes for while you are wrestling, you need to make each and every person feel like you are putting on a show for them, and them alone. Even though there may be hundreds or thousands in attendance.

And the kicker is you have to do all this with your own limitations in mind.

I am not tall. 5'10 in my boots. So I can't act like a giant. I am rather big in frame, so I can't act like an airial flyer either. So I have to do these things, like I said, with me limitations in mind. I am already training, so I am learning the basics. That is my foundation and everything works off of that. I plan on, at a later date, taking acting lessons at the local college, that will help with my timing and on camera self. But now it's time to start the next faze of my endeavor in shaping me into a viable contender to wrestling promoters. That is my physical self. Hey, I have to look good, like I am a guenuine azz kicker don't I? It takes more then a chubby person with no physique in a wife beater shirt to portray a viable threat in the ring. The whole point of it all is to be able to suspend the audiance disbelief for a while. And I am sorry, if you don't look the part then it isn't going to happen.

So, taking my physicality into consideration, I am a thick guy. I gain muscle ridiculously easily, and with a proper diet I can cut the fat. But in order to pack on more muscle mass I need to eat a ton more calories, as it is in this state the muscle grows. I already covered the mechanics in a previous post on the subject, so I won't bore you with that again.

But this is the plan, man.

I am getting back in the gym. I have a month of acclimating my body to take the punishment of grinding out solid muscle growing workouts, this should last for a month. Then I am hitting the bulking section hard, and I should grow like a weed. I mean follow the program to the letter, the diet, the workouts the supplements, the whole nine yards. That is a solid three month cycle, followed by a two month cycle of fat shedding. I should come out of the other side of this in the hunt to making it big. Oh, and I will repeat as often as necessary until I am the genetically freakish brut I was born to be.

But this is what I propose to do...

I am going to take measurements. Document my progress. I will take before and after pics (NO, NOT SHIRTLESS AT FIRST, WAIT TIL I GET RIPPED!) I am going to weigh myself, take neck, chest, waist, bicep and thigh measurements and see where I am after each cycle. I weigh somewhere around 270, I am hoping to add a ton of muscle, lost two tons of fat and be a ripped 235 to 250, somewhere in that window. But I am documenting everything!

Ok, November 1st is D Day, the acclimation period. No need to measure then, I am just loosening up the old muscles and getting my body ready for the torture yet to come. After I get a handle on this, then it's acting class time! And then I DARE WWE or TNA to ignore US!

Until next time,


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