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Monday, November 06, 2006

November 5th Wrestling Trai...awww Hell, there ain't one!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

November 5th Wrestling Trai...awww Hell, there ain't one!!!
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Ok, since you all may be chomping at the bit for another installment of this weeks wrestling training recap then who am I to disapoint? Yeah, right, since I make the rules on this here blog, I inform you now there is none.

I can't tell you why, but Playboy Buddy Rose and Colonel DeBeers wrestling school is on a brief hiatis. I don't know how brief, but Buddy told me when he knows, I'll know. When I know, you will all know. You know?

1: I burned my hand. No, you don't understand, I burned my hand clean down to the nub, that is skin is missing. From the base of the thumb nail clean down the whole thumb and across my hand, then on the underside of my wrist from wrist bone to wrist bone one huge, gaping hole. To top that all off it is infected really badly and throbs anytime I lower my hand from chest level. Around the edges it is red, angry raised flesh and it is oozing some of the sickest uckies that I have EVER SEEN. Other then the massive pain and the constant ache in my shoulder from holding my arm up to alieviate some of the pressure, it looks kinda cool. I can catagorically state that greasefires can, and do, hurt to all living hell. The only thing that sucks to high heaven is that at the moment I am not wrestling, I could cut some unbelievable promos and incorporate it into one hell of an angle. But since NO FREAKING PROMOTERS WANT TO GRACE THEIR SHOWS WITH TGO, all this pain is for naught. Boy, did they miss out on a golden opportunity to market this. I won't go through this again, this crap HURTS! On a softer note, when the heat wave from the flaming pot shot forth to sear my hand, a huge amount singed my face, thereby making the nostril around my nose a singed, red, angry circle. And it made my lips dry out so they feel like sandpaper, a fact I am sure the girlie hated when I planted a big, DRY one on her lips!

So...maybe the school on hiatus is a good thing at the moment, because my stupid ass would probably still go and endure mass pain in the quest I am on to, what? C'mon, say it. SAY IT! MAKE IT STRAIGHT TO THE TOP OF THE WRESTLING WORLD!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.

2: Since I am down a hand I can not start the weight training I was planning on. Remember, I was supposed to work out the kinks in November, then the first of December was to be the start of the three month mass building program? Well, I can't. In fact, I am sure I can't. When I make a fist now the knuckles disapear, and the tendons feel like they are on fire. Now, I don't know how long this is going to incapacitate me, but as soon as I can hit the gym, operation get off my lead ass will begin, and, once again, when I know, you will all know. Until then, you poor suckers can be just as bored as I am.

Ok, that's it. Raws on, Cena just FU's the ring announcer and is telling everyone his name. What the hell is this all about?....


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