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Friday, July 24, 2009

WCWC Wrestling In Sprinfield!

Hello all!

The road back to the wrestling ring, for me, begins with the proverbial bottom rung of the ladder. Here's the scoop:

Sat. July 25, 2009- Springfield, OR
Regional Sports Center-200 S.32nd St.
Bell time 7:00PM - Doors open at 6:15PM

Click here for map to venue.

I won't be wrestling, I will be working the ring crew and doing security, but it's a long road back and this is the first step in that journey!

If you are in the area, come on out and say hello! Watch the matches, the action is second-to-none. Besides, you NEVER know who will make an appearance...Mike Modest comes in periodically. I don't know if he will be there, but you never know!

Here is a little sum-sum to whet your appetite...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After two years I dusted off this blog and decided to go for broke...again. In reality, I lost my sign in information and just recently jumped through the prerequisite hoops to get it back. A lot of time has passed, lot's of changes to my life have occurred, and I undoubtedly lost a lot of readers. Not that I had many to begin with. But be that as it may, let's start over, shall we?

Before we begin I want to ask any residual readers, and new ones who found this, to please pass me along to others who you may think may enjoy my journey.

Let's see: I no longer attend the Playboy Buddy Rose and Colonel Debeers wrestling school. As many of you probably already know, we lost Buddy a couple of months ago due to complications of diabetes. I was not in his school for a year prior because it went on hiatus while he was looking for a new location. I will always be thankful, and very honored, of the time I spent with Buddy, and he will be missed terribly. I will always remember the first time I met him. I walked into the school and there he was, one of the biggest wrestling stars the PN has ever seen, sitting at the desk facing the door. He never seen me before, and I didn't get a chance to even say hello so he could put my voice with the face, as we had talked on the phone making arrangements for me to come, when he say's Chris Hawk! I am so glad you made it! Looking back, it isn't rocket science to figure out how he knew who I was. He was expecting me, and when a new face appears carrying a gearbag and ready to get in the ring to rumble, it isn't a stretch to assume who I was. But therein layed the magic of Buddy: he made EVERYBODY seem important. And the stories he would tell! Listening to his war stories from the territory day's, talking about his own experiences with wrestlers I grew up idolizing...It was magical, and truly a treasured memory I will carry with me always. RIP, Buddy, and THANK YOU. It was truly an honor and a privilege.

Currently I am "associated" with the fine promotion WCWC here in Oregon. Well, association is too strong a word as I have done nothing with them, yet. But soon, very soon that is going to change. I am sorry about being cryptic on this one, but stay tuned and you shall see what I mean.

On May 15th, 2008 I welcomed my son Kyson Grant into the world. Needless to say my priorities had to change. He is now 14 months old and truly the apple of daddy's eye! I never, ever knew that it was possible to love someone as much as I love that little boy. I am SO PROUD of him. Recently we had his first birthday party, and it was truely a wonderful sight and experience to see him enjoy his presents (Although he loved the boxes they came in and to see the cake smeared across his little face. They grow up so fast, too! He went from barely able to roll himself over to walking and RUNNING in a blink of an eye! It's funny, because I don't want him to grow up. I am just SURE I will miss the little boy he was, but I also want to meet the young man he will be. I guess that's one of them conundrums of life you hear about from time to time though. I am SO BLESSED to have the perfect little son to complete me and my existence with. :-)

NEWS ALERT! I am no longer a pig farmer. Not that I was a true pig farmer to begin with, but merely a pet pot bellied pig CARETAKER. I lost my job as an in-home care provider and I moved across town to a little apartment. While I do miss the babies, as the piggies were called, I do have to admit that I am enjoying the quiet solitude my new abode affords me. Those pigs, laugh if you must but it's true, taught me a lot about life. Animals are not mindless robots who run around totally unaware of their own existence, but are a lot like you and I are. They are capable of love, compassion, fear, HATE and about any other emotion capable of the average human. It confounds me to no end knowing that humans, and I was once among these thinkers, who assumed if you don't speak a human language, that you are a dumb animal. Those piggies taught me, without the benefit of speech no less, that they are equal in thought, rival in mind and replete with expression, to be our equal. Which begs the question in my mind of who IS the real animal if we as a race hold these views? Beegers, Rhoda, Colby Dawn, Kirbo and Arnie, THANK YOU for opening up my eyes, and I will and do miss you guys.

FINALLY, the girlie and I appear to be no more. There are a lot of reasons for this, and I WILL NOT air our dirty laundry for your perusal, but suffice it to say that while I do miss the good times, I am alright with missing the bad times we seemed to accumulate more and more towards the end of our relationship. She is the mother of my son, and for that I will always have a love for her, and I respect her for being a most excellent mother. I have learned a lot as a human being, and count her among the top three people who have changed my life for the better. She deserves to be happy, as do I, and if that means not being together then so be it. We have a wonderful, beautiful son together, and I still consider her two other children just as much mine as I did before, but I simply grew weary of waiting. SOMEONE reading this will know what I mean. Truth be told, I did myself and the relationship no favors being as unbendable and bullheaded like I can be, but to be fair a lot of my action was a result of reaction. NO ONE is 100% right, and no one is as much wrong. But I guess that can be said for every relationship that has ever gone sour. It is what it is, the future awaits me, whatever is in store I will embrace with passion. But it is with feelings tinged with a touch of melancholy that what once was will never be again. Such is life, I suppose.

Alright, I think that covers the major mile stones of my comings and goings the last couple of years. I apologize for being gone so long, and I hope that, and fully intend to, get right back on the horse here where I left off. WRESTLING! Here I come! And once again, you all are welcome to hang on for what should be one heck of a ride!



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