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Monday, May 29, 2006

Wrestling News 5/29


WWE suddenly up and fired Orlando Jordan on Friday (5/26). According to PWInsider, "The word going around at the taping was that Jordan had extremely upset WWE officials, including Vince McMahon, for having an unauthorized person on the road with him and backstage at events."

Jordan, who was slated to start a bisexual love triangle storyline involving former TNA star Trinity and his real life friend Eric, was possibly slated to have something to do with the resurgence of the new ECW brand. However he was fired without warning on Friday, and everything points to a last minute decision to do so.
WWE announced the firing as Orlando being released, and that they wished him well in all his future endeavors.


The Canadian Crippler, Chris Benoit, is out of action indefinitely due to a nagging shoulder problem he has been suffering from for quite some time. This past Thursday on Smackdown WWE did an angle where Mark Henry "seriously injured" Benoit, but that was a work as Benoit was not truly hurt in that matchup, but just needs time off to heal his chronic shoulder problem. Benoit was slated to wrestle in the ECW "One Night Stand" PPV, but now his status on the show is uncertain. There is no timeframe for Benoit's return but many sources are estimating that he will be out of action at least two to three months. All Of us here at "The Making Of A Wrestling God" certainly wish Chris a speedy recovery and hope he get's back to action soon.
Rey Mysterio has been slated to take some time off to heal some accumulated injuries, but Smackdown has been having some problems as far as a depleted roster, so that has been pushed back. Smackdown is in desperate straights right now, with Randy Orton and Batista being out for various reasons. JBL was "fired". Kurt Angle being "drafted" to ECW. Last week Smackdown had it's second lowest ratings ever. They definitely need some help fast. I wonder if now would be the right time to pitch my "WILL WORK FOR FOOD AND TRANS" mantra to WWE!


Shawn Michaels has a knee in desperate need of surgical intervention. The Heart Break Kid recently underwent some medical testing to ascertain the extent of damage, and the news was only surgery will fix his problems. WWE has already taken proactive steps to explain a possible absence from the ring by having the Spirit Squad decimate his knee, and that may go a long way in explaining the possibility of Shawn wearing an Austin style knee brace in the future. WWE has been slowly hyping this DX reunion angle, and it is rumored that Shawn may wait until after the DX angle is played out at the 6/ 25 Vengeance PPV to take the time off to have the surgery and rehab. No one knows how long HBK may be out of action. All of us here at "The Making Of A Wrestling GOD" wish Shawn a speedy and full recovery.

One of the better tag teams in WWE is no more. The reasons are not widely known, other then Joey Mercury is in the middle of some personal problems, and word is he is entering rehab for a possible drug problem. There is a rumor that Batista and Melina have had a relationship, even though Melina is dating Johnny Nitro, and Batista himself is married. In a work, Teddy Long "fired" Melina and Nitro, but look for them to show up on the RAW brand very soon. I for one hope Mercury well in his recovery, and I would love to see MNM reformed soon as they are one of the better tag teams out there today in WWE.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wrestling News 5/24

Here is some wrestling news courtesy of and


In a huge media blitz, WWE is advertising the June 11th ECW PPV "One Night Stand" by relaunching the ECW website from old. On the site they have photos of currently signed stars like Jazz, Sabu, CW Anderson and Danny Doring, and they also have previews for the announced matches on the Card.

Jason Van Nest sent this in to PWINSIDER.COM: "The Nutter Center in Dayton, OH website features the following information on the WWE vs. ECW special, "Scheduled to appear: All of your favorite RAW superstars and….Kurt Angle, JBL, Sandman, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer and many, many more…The Main Event Match will consist of a 20 Man Battle Royal featuring WWE Champion John Cena, Triple H, Big Show, Edge, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, RVD,Tag Team Champions Spirit Squad, and many more!

WWE also ran ads locally here in Dayton during the commercial breaks of RAW advertising John Cena, HHH, Kurt Angle, JBL, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Sabu, Sandman, Edge, and "many more" RAW, Smackdown, and ECW superstars to appear on the special." (C/O Jason Van Nest)


Last Mondays RAW showcased Shawn Michaels against the Spirit Squad where the S.S. ravaged Shawn Michaels knee, setting up an injury angle. However, there is a real life injury to Shawns knee, and he had an MRI to ascertain whether he needs surgery or not. It appears he does, and it is unknown if he will be able to be on the card for the 6/25 PPV.

Dominick Violi sent this update from last night's off air notes from Raw. ... "The dark match was Striker vs. Shawn Osborne and Victoria wrestled (Cheerleader) Melissa Anderson. Also, when they did the Raw Roulette spin of the wheel Edge mentioned the matches, including a cage match (even though there wasn't a cage above the ring) and the capture the midget match in which Edge said, and I quote, "We'd use TAZ but he doesn't work for this brand"".

WWE has updated recent 2006 PPV buyrate numbers. The approximate numbers are as follows:

New Year's Revolution: 340,000 buys.
The Royal Rumble: 575,000 buys.
No Way Out: 225,000 buys.
WrestleMania: 930,000 buys.
Backlash: 220,000 buys.


"This afternoon, WWE began informing business partners that they have locked in an additional Pay-per-view event for December 3, 2006. No word yet on a name for the show, or what brand (or brands) will be involved.

Howard sent along a link for the poster for the Great American Bash, which features Batista. You can check it out by clicking here.

As mentioned on the site earlier today, the Wrestlemania 22 DVD set was released today, and includes the complete 2006 Hall Of Fame ceremony and Saturday Night's Main Event. Since a lot of people have asked, Bret Hart's Hall Of Fame induction speech is included in it's entirety on the set. Mike Johnson attended the event in person, and has noticed no edits in the speech at all."


The ratings for this weeks RAW saw a significant drop. The hard numbers are a 3.7 cable rating with a 5.4 share. WWE was on a long streak with at least 4.0 average. The show did a hours of 3.5 and 3.8, so it wasn't even a strong 3.7 this week. It goes without saying that WWE management will be taking a hard look at these numbers and work to drive the interest up to where it should be, unless this was just a one week fluke.

AM Raw did a 1.1 cable rating, with a 4.9 share


"During a face-to-face confrontation with WWE champion John Cena on Monday Night Raw, Rob Van Dam announced he would be cashing in his "Money in the Bank" title shot at the 6/11 ECW One Night Stand PPV event in New York City."


"Stacy Keibler was on "the Loose Cannons" on AM 570 in Los Angeles with Joe McDonnell and was asked her about WWE and a possible return. Her quote was, "They hadn't written anything for me before 'Stars' why should I think they'll do it now? I don't see myself going back. Financially...we have to pay for most of our it's a really tough existence. It's time for a new chapter in my life." That pretty much says it all."

Courtesy of PWINSIDER.COM and

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today's Wrestling Training Recap

Todays Wrestling Training Recap
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And no, not because some ruffian wrestlers handed my ass to me on a silver platter. I took a bad bump and landed wrong on my tailbone.

I would say that's the breaks, but the thought gives me shivers. Who the hell needs a tailbone anyway? Worthless calcium suckers that they are.

Colonel had us start off class practicing the time honored tradition of the PROPER comeback, given the hot tag. Everyone took turns being all fired up and executing moves against others rushing in. It went on a rotation, and boy, do I need work on my comeback. First guy rushes is, armdrag. Good Second guy, hip toss, got that. Big boot to head, cool. Clotheline, JBL would be proud. Rut Ro, five or six people still have to rush you, and you don't want to repeat the same moves because REDUNDANCY is a no no and to be avoided when at all possible. So, my dumbazz get's ready for a bodyslam...then for some reason in mid move I changed my mind. Spinebuster. Here I was, commited to one move, changing it in mid execution. That does three things. One, it looks like total crap, secondly that's a good way to hurt yourself, thirdly, and most importantly, it makes the guy who is trusting you with his body kinda freak out. There you go, if you are in front of a paying crowd you just blew the story you were trying to tell in the ring into oblivion. Sorry Bud! I wasn't trying to freak you out!

I opened up the matches in a tag match in which me and me partner were heels. My partner is pretty new at this, so I started it off.

Let me veer off a second here. I need to explain the science in how to work a match so you know what I am talking about. There are actually a few way's to unfold a match, but this is the most common, simple and time honored one. Me and my partner are heels. One guy (me in this case) start the match off, and I need to establish myself as a heel right away so the crowd can follow along easier. Usually you would lock up, but I, for some Gawd awful reason, decided to rake an eyeball. Colonel stopped the match, and non chalantly said "Why did you do that?" I knew right when I did it I was wrong. You save the eyeballs and nut busters and every other illegal move for later. A good heel starts wrestling ligit, then when he see's he is getting his butt kicked, he employs cheating. But I digress.
So we started off again, this time we lock up and I push him to a corner, then hit on the break, make the ref count to 4 and 9/10's before I back off. THAT'S how you start showing the crowd you are a heel. Anyway, I start getting my butt kicked for the next couple of minutes, the psychology is the face looks good in beating on the dasterdly heel, only for me to finally rake his eyeball and run over to tag my partner, which I did. He comes in, executes a couple moves, but the face MOUNTS A COMEBACK and get's back on the offense. More beating of heels ensues, then my job is/was to, you guess it, cheat to win, which I did in this case by distracting the ref, my partner hit's a low blow and tags me in. I rush in, face is fired up and does a few high spots, but then I sneak in a schoolboy, holding the trunks and steal the victory. That's basically how that match went, and also a good lesson for you all in how a match unfolds.

My second match was ok, but I have wrestled better. I was just a little slow in executing moves. Case in point, I was to be going over in the match, and the finish was a shot into the ropes, and for me to deliver the clothesline from hell. So I shoot him in, I run for the other ropes to build up momentum, but didn't do it fast enough as by the time I came off the rope my opponent was already off his and right next to me. So I do the clothesline, then have to drag his happy ass away from the rope so I could pin him. Looked like crap, that finish did.

Third match was a squashee, my favorite as long as I am doing the squashing. By this point I was tired, knee and tailbone were on fire, and I was so blown up I was seriously thinking of hyperventilating. This I blame on the three bouts of pneumonia and blood clot/pulmonary embolism I recently went bouts with.

But, that was it, my day of training in a nutshell. Buddy asked me if I was coming back next week (he always does, thinking the guy misses me). I told him yeah, he still owes me $10.00!


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What Kind Of Wrestler Am I?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

What Kind Of Wrestler Am I?
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You scored as Memphis. Most top stars have passed through Memphis! You are on the right path!





Tag team


Old School Brawler


Power wrestler


Super Heavyweight








80's WWF




What kind of pro wrestler are you?
created with

Yep, that's me. I am on my way. Was that a left, or right turn at Albuquerque to get to Memphis?

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stacy Keibler Rushed To Hospital

WWE Diva Stacy Keibler was rushed to the hospital Tuesday after she suffered a seizure while at an ABC event.

Keibler, whose WWE contract is up in July, was released later that day "in good health and with no restrictions", according to her "Rep", whoever that is.

No One knows why Stacy suffered from this seizure, but people are talking of her big weight loss she incurred since she appeared on "Dancing with the Stars", some twenty pounds ago. She was thin before, now she is incredibly thin.

We here at "The Making Of A Wrestling GOD" wish her good health, and hope she makes a full recovery.

News Courtesy of "The Wrestling Newsletter" and BellaOnline.

News, Just For You

Here is some interesting news I found whilst I was out and about me travels.

TNA Star Samoa Joe Injured, Flair has his day in Court, Diva expecting a baby, Batista/Booker Post "Fight" News


TNA's own Samoa Joe was injured in a match on May 6th vs Eric Young.. Joe, who injured his knee a few weeks prior, was delivering a kick to Young when his knee locked up on him. So far they are saying his knee does not need surgery, but he strained and mildly tore a few ligaments in his knee. It appears that he will be rehabbing his knee, and taking some time off his indie dates, but it is not expected that he will miss any time at TNA. It goes without saying that if Samoa Joe was out of action for any length of time it would have been devastating to TNA as he play's such a huge role in the company.


Former WWE Diva and current TNA star Jackie Gayda is expecting her first baby with current WWE Superstar Charlie Haas. Gayda and Haas are married in real life, and I wish them well and luck in this most happy of times.

BOOKER T AND BATISTA FIGHT UPDATE has a story up where they talked to Booker T about the recent fist fight between Batista and himself. Booker said: "We had a good talk, and we’ll have no problem working together and being professional. We’re going to do what’s right for each other’s careers and the future of the company.”

I guess Booker and Batista talked things over at a breakfast they shared, and everything seems to be all copesetic in WWE land. Of course there was huge controversy as to whether this was a work or a shoot, as WWE immediatly fired off mobile alerts and really beat the drum with it instead of downplaying what should have been a private dispute between coworkers. So, who knows?


Former WCW President and WWE General Manager Eric Bischoff is to pen an autobiography about his experiences in the wrestling business and how he shared a part in the huge explosion in wrestlings popularity as it is today. It should be noted that WWE is putting out the book, so many feel that it will be a gleaned over, less then totally truthful sanitised version, but I guess only time will tell. Mick Foley was very successful at getting his true thoughts published in a WWE sponsored book (s) and some of it was critical of WWE and it's managment, but he also didn't have the history of bad blood that Bischoff and the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon, does. So, I guess the proof of it will be in the reading. Either way I suspect that it will be a very good read.


A lot of people have been asking who that new girl is that seems to have such a hatred for Mickie James. She is none other then Ohio Valley Wrestlings Beth Phoenix. She brings an interesting dynamic to the Trish/Mickie feud, and paves the way for the suspected departure of Ashley Missaro, who it is rumored may be going to Smackdown so she will be able to tour with real life boyfriend Matt Hardy.


Dave Meltzer from is reporting that ECW will be airing on the Sci Fi channel.. Meltzer say's the show will air sometime in mid to late June.


Ric Flair was recently in court to answer for his alleged road rage incident he had several months ago, but the other motorist did not show up. Therefore "The dirtiest player in the game" was fully exonerated of all charges.


I am a huge huge HUGE fan of what was WCCW and the Von Erichs. So I am totally stoked that the new DVD that chronicles the Von Erichs and the rise and fall of WCCW will be released on June 15. Any student of the "old School" of wrestling will naturally be drawn to this DVD. You will remember the Von Erichs as one of the most dynamic, talented and overall entertaining family dynastys that ever stepped into the squared circle. Sadly, today only one Von Erich remains, as the rest either died in questionable circumstances, or by suicide.

The DVD's name is "Heroes of World Class", and will be sold on this website: There is a full review there, and you can sign up for email updates as well.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Breaking ECW News

Breaking News: ECW To Debut On The Sci-Fi Network

"ECW News :: Posted by Andy Stevens on May 17, 2006

Dave Meltzer reports that WWE's ECW brand will receive a weekly TV series on the Sci-Fi network.

Sci-Fi, which is a sister-network to USA under the NBC Universal umbrella, is expected to issue a press release by next week.

The show will reportedly debut in mid-to-late June.

We will have more on this story as soon as it becomes available!"


Some News, And A Very Generic Public Service Announcement

Hello all.

Well, like all good hooligans, I have been embroiled in some controversy's of late, and I would give a full accounting of what, when and where but that should be for another post, one I don't think I will bore you with. If you like drama, if you like backstabbing, double talking, attempted career torpedoing over the top drama you should save for your momma, then you have issues!

But for now, some news.

WWE's Plans for the Reformed DX News via

"In addition to WWE giving away the return of DX at the June Vengeance PPV on Canada's Viewers Choice PPV website, which we reported a few days ago, a number of readers have sent word that the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, which will play host to the show, has written the following on their website:

World Wrestling Entertainment® (WWE) Vengeance, a live, pay-per-view event Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 7:45 p.m. with tickets on sale Saturday, May 13, 2006 at 10:00 am.

Superstars scheduled to appear:

by Dave Scherer on 5/3/2006 (

"On the Canadian Viewer's Choice website, in a promo for the June Vengeance PPV, it states the following:

"DX, the degenerates that started the Attitude Era, will reunite at Vengeance . ­ Are You Ready? Don't miss a minute of the live action as RAW presents WWE's Vengeance, Sunday, June 25th at 8pm/5pm PT, live and only on Pay-Per-View. A World Wrestling Entertainment Production. Go to for more details. See It All On Viewers Choice!"

While I don't know for sure that this means DX will be reformed at or by this show, I do know that there has been a lot of talk of doing so internally, as evidenced by Shawn Michaels and Triple H's actions on recent TV. I also know that this wouldn't be the first time that someone in WWE marketing released something before they were supposed to. In addition to that, Triple H is now said to be receptive to turning babyface."

For those of you who are wondering about his status, I am confirming that Jimmy "Akio" Yang has signed a new deal with WWE. Akio became known to the wrestling masses during his last run with WWE, where he was a bodyguard for Yoshihiro Tajiri. He is also remembered for the last run of Velocity, before it became an internet show, where he had a series of good matches with Paul London. Akio is to finish out his indepedant bookings first, but look for him in WWE programming coming near you, and quite possibly on the returning ECW brand.

"The book Eric Bischoff is working on, which we reported on a few months ago, is not available for pre-sale on It's advertised as, "In this no-holds-barred look at his career and life, Eric Bishoff will discuss the things that he did right and all that he did wrong as he helped shape the sports entertainment industry into the billion dollar business it is today." Now, you might say, "Why would he talk about his failures?" Well, that could have something to do with the fact that WWE is publishing the book.

I have gotten some email from people asking me about New Jack stating at an indy show this week that he has signed a deal with WWE to work for ECW. As of yesterday, that isn't true. Whether it will happen in the future, I can't say, but I do know that New Jack had some legal issues that prevented him from signing with WWE for last year's ECW PPV and if they haven't been taken care of, would do the same now."

The above news and reviews are courtesy of


Friday, May 12, 2006

Not Much Going On

Hello all.

Just a quick personal update here. There isn't much going on right now that is newsworthy, and I didn't want you all to think I was forgetting about you.

I created a page on My Space. The reason I have done this is that network is HUGE. There are millions of people there, and I am trying to make contacts, which I have been pretty successful in doing. I don't want to make this site suffer at the hands of My Space, and I promise to still make this one my priority as I am a loyal Blogspotter, but I can really get some networking done at My Space. If you all have the time, I would love to have you swing by and give me your opinion of the page, and visit there to leave comments and suggestions.

Personally, I have been put through the wringer lately. Tons of personal problems, health issues, deaths in my family, you name it, it happened to me this month. My poor Uncle Chuck, he lost his wife, a son a couple years ago, and last week his only surviving son to a car accident. Uncle Chuck, I love you and I miss you and my heart goes out to you.

Keidi has had her share of issues too. I am not at liberty to say, but she has been through a very scary time with a close family member, my heart aches for her as well. I love you babydoll.

My training. I will be resuming it very soon. Health wise, I feel fine and I see no reason not to hit the mat again very soon. I have been keeping Buddy Rose up to date, so he understands, but his well wishes mean a lot to me.

That aught to do it for now. Oh, I almost forgot! PLEASE visit my page at My Space. The Addy is: Please feel free to come and go between the two, I have it linked up here in several places. Remember, I appreciate you all, and all the support you have been giving me. It means more then you know.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I am sure that all of you know by now that ECW is making it's comeback to a full time, once a week show. Well, early news was that ECW was going to come back full time this September, but that has been moved way up. More on that later.

WWE has been very happy with the job Paul Heyman has been doing since he took over the writing at OVW when Jimmy Cornette left. Paul, who DOES NOT get along with Stephanie McMahon, was writing for Smackdown before OVW, and the two clashed constantly over storylines and ideas. So Stephanie stayed on at Smackdown while Paul went to OVW and took the promotion in a whole other direction, to a resounding success.

Word started to spread about ECW coming forth as it's own brand, and Rob Van Dam, who won the money in the bank match all but promised that he was going to use it at this years "One Night Stand" PPV. However, with the rebirthing of ECW, it will be interesting to see if Rob does challenge for a belt because he is coming on board as one of the major stars of ECW. Taking a belt from either Smackdown or RAW would mean that either the two brands, Smackdown and Raw, will be ran as one again, or they will have to come up with another world title belt. I think a more likely scenario would see ECW resurrecting it's own World Title and RVD doing the honors for it. But then, how does Rob utilize his MITB contract?

As far as when it will be aired, the talk is that ECW, for the time being, will take over the Velocity slot that can be seen at This June USA Network will have a Saturday night/Sunday morning slot at 2 am. But it is important to note that these are just "leaked" rumors, and have yet o be confirmed.

As of right now the following stars HAVE SIGNED long term deals with WWE to be a part of ECW. They are: Sandman, Francine, Danny Doring, Tony Mamaluke, Sabu, Jazz, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, CW Anderson and Cm Punk. All of these stars, with the exception of CM Punk who was a standout star with Ring Of Honor and a short stint with TNA, are old ECW alumnus. Rob Van Dam, being the one of the major stars, they base things around. Young, but promising, stars from OVW will be brought up to ECW. Of course, Raven, Spike, D Von and Bubba Ray Dudley, Shane Douglas and Jerry Lynn are all ECW alumnus, but are under contract to TNA, so they won't be on board in the beginning. But who knows what the future holds? Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer are going to be left alone to do the writing for ECW, as well as the booking, and so far, with the names of the superstars listed above as already on board, it is thought that maybe the Cruiserweights from Smackdown will find a new home in ECW.

As for announcing. This could not have come at a better time for Joey Styles because his announcing wasn't up to par for RAW standards, so they were going to axe him anyway. However, with ECW coming back, he will be the announcer for them, therefore keeping him employed in the wrestling arena. It will just be interesting, because in the old ECW he did play by play post production work, he commentated the matches from a tape, and not live. However, he did call ECW's PPV's all by himself, so I don't know how much of his old style will return. On the Raw side I already reported to you that Jim Ross will be back at the announcers table this coming RAW with the King, Jerry Lawler. They sent Coach off to do other things, in mostly character roles, THANK GOD!

On June 24th WWE will launch "WWE Presents ECW", from the old ECW arena/bingo hall, with weekly house shows to follow thereafter. The tenative timeline for this brand extension is as follows, USA will have a two hour special on June 7th which will set up more of the "One Night Stand" PPV to happen on the 11th, and set further storylines for ECW's future. Then on the 24th is the "WWE Presents ECW" will kick off the full time ECW show as it's promotion, but interestingly enough, WWE wants everyone to know that they are still the parent company of ECW, kind of squashing the renegade flavor I thought they would have if they kept it totally separate, except on paper.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Here are a couple of news stories.


Many viewers were shocked to hear Joey Styles bombastic comments as he "quit" RAW on Monday night. In all actuality, Joey is being let go because management at WWE was never happy with his announcing. Joey actualy wrote the "I quit" script, handed it into the creative department and it was approved. It is thought the harsh comments were meant to help the formulation of ECW becoming it's own entity really soon. Joey Styles was the announcer for ECW back in the day, but it was a world of difference because he did play by play post production work, that is he added his voice to the weekly shows while it was not live but in a sound stage. (Paul Heymans basement.) Joey did call live PPV's all by himself, but in keeping with WWE's story telling formula, Joey was never able to cross that bridge. WWE was looking for a younger face, and wanted Joey to be a younger version of Jim Ross, a step Joey Styles just couldn't make. Speaking of Good Ole' JR...


WWE has announced that Jim Ross will make his way back to the announcers booth. WWE has made this statement on it's website today: “In the wake of Joey Styles decision to quit World Wrestling Entertainment, Mr. McMahon has been forced to reluctantly give Jim Ross his old job back. Mr. Ross will handle the play-by-play duties on RAW on a probationary basis.” This, of course, is weaving a bit of the storyline into the actual facts. Joey did not quit RAW, he was fired, but I think Joey would have stayed a bit longer had WWE not decided to bring ECW back in a fulltime basis. Don't buy into the probationary basis for JR though, Vince conceded that he made a mistake in replacing him with Joey Styles, and the trio of Joey, The King and Coach wasn't a very good pairing. Speaking of the Coach...


WWE announced that they are taking Jonathon Coachman out of the RAW announcers booth, and they plan on giving him a greater character role in the company. I think Coach is good hosting a particular event, such as the Diva Search, or internet shows, but a full color commentator is not his genre. Overall I think this is a good move. Two people, King and JR are plenty in the booth, ad a third person and it get's to crowded.


Brock Lesnar settled his lawsuit he had with WWE over the long no compete clause he signed to earn his release so he could try a football career, but after he got cut by the Minnesota Vikings he wasn't able to wrestle, or compete in any MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, UFC). So, while the actual details of the settlement are confidential, both sides declare victory, and Brock is free to continue wrestling in Japan, where he has been wrestling once a month for a while. Brock spoke at length in an interview with a radio station in Minneapolis, here is highlights from his interview, courtesy of Patty Therre and "On The Fringe".

LESNAR TO MMA, MARRRYING SABLE, NOT GOING TO WWE-5/2 on 4/28/2006 Brock Lesnar was on the Minneapolis radio station 93X's morning show today. The interview was around 10 minutes in length. He used to be a regular on the show when he was in the WWE, and would come on the air to promote events when the WWE was coming to MN. Highlights included: He got burned out from the travel involved in wrestling. He wanted to pursue an NFL career because he didn't want to be retired and think "what if". Now he has no aspirations to continue to pursue an NFL career. He's currently wrestling in Japan once a month. He just settled his lawsuit with WWE (no details about the settlement). He wants to get into MMA in the US. Sable and Brock are getting married next month. No mention of wanting to come back to the WWE.


VH1 has announced that a third season of "Hogan Knows Best" will begin filming this fall. Right now they are firmly entrenched in season two, and the show remains very popular.


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