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Friday, June 30, 2006

Sinn and Squeaky, reuniting of The Church, TNA and WWE/ECW

Friday, June 30, 2006

Sinn and Squeaky, reuniting of The Church, TNA and WWE/ECW
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To All Ye Faithful Readers:

I am humbled. Since I posted this, NO ONE has done anything in regards to this petition. Oh well, I guess I will import this to "The Making Of A Wrestling GOD", my other site. They are a little more supportive, I guess.


Read Bulletin

From: Chris

Date: Jun 29, 2006 11:05 PM
Subject: Sinn and Squeaky, reuniting of The Church, TNA and WWE/ECW

I have been asked, albeit in an unofficial way, to go to bat for the Original Sinn and Squeaky.

I want to start an online petition of MySpacers to get Sinn booked back on either TNA with a reuniting of the Church, or for WWE/ECW.

If I am successful, Sinn promised to book me in his next show, so I am counting on all of you to help me out. If you add your name to the bottom of this and repost it, I will forward this petition on to the powers that be if/when we get enough to make this worth while.

If you have any questions, ideas or just want more information, please email me here at Myspace, or at

Thank you and good night.


*The following individuals would like to see Nick Cvjetkovich, aka Dr Nick SINNful and Squeaky, on your programming. We, the consumers and viewing public, like the character performed by Mr Cvjetkovich, and we strongly feel that he would make a tremendous asset to your organization. Therefore we strongly urge you to book
Dr Nick SINNful and Squeaky.

We collectively thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Chris Hawk

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just An Observation x2

Just An Observation x2
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Ok People. Now I am about to go out on a limb and describe, best I can, a day in the life of a wrestler, as I have come to understand it during my minutes and minutes of research. It is a continuance of "Just an observation" from yesterday.

And yes, I am looking forward to the time when I get to "speak from experience".

Strap on your helmets, grab the sissy bar and hold on for dear life as this should be an interesting, if not bumpy ride.

Imagine this, if you will: living life in a vacuum, under a microscope and on fast forward 7 day's a week, 365 day's a year, year after year. You don't remember what day it is half the time, and it is not uncommon to not being terribly sure where the hell you are at.

It's 4:30 in the am, you wake up after getting back to the same hotel room you have seen the inside of at least 900 times, and twice since saturday, from the arena around midnight the previous evening. You're sore, beaten to the pulp from the match you had the night before. Chronic knee pain, deep tissue bruises and cuts adorn your face and you need to grab the side of the bed to pull yourself up to a sitting position. Your head is thumping with every beat of your heart, a testament to the rounds you went with Jack Danials the night before in celebration with the boys in a match well done.

Wearily you begin to pack.

6:00 am finds you in back of a cab, heading for the airport. You don't even know exactly where you are going as you didn't look at your itinerary, and hoping to all hell the airlines will figure it out for you. But slowely it dawns on you: heading for New York! You hope to catch a couple zzz's on the plane, but coach passengers have an uncanny ability to know who you are, and the endless quest for autographs and pictures will keep you busy as you oblige the very people who keep you employed. Oh well, the magic novelty of being a celebrity wore off a long time ago but, thankful for the job you worked so hard for, you resign yourself to capitulation.

Landing at JFK, with just enough time to throw your bags in the same hotel room you left in what seemed just day's ago, you run over to the Sizzler to pick up your order-to-go that the staff was so kind to have prepared and waiting for you. Who said being a celebrity is without it's perks, that Sizzler order was hard earned! You don't have time to sit in there and eat, first off the bombardment of fans would leave you visiting more then eating, and you have a 1:30 autograph signing/event promotion to be on hand for.

Back to the Airport Hotel for lunch and to freshen up.

1:10 finds you in the back of a cab, streaking across town to "Marios Music World and Good Time Emporiam". Somewhere in your backpack full of 8x10's and God know's what is your cell phone that has been ringing regular and steady since about 7:30 am. Thank goodness for the ability to set different ringtones to certain people, because you recognize the girlies call from all the rest. With a deep sense of forboding, you answer it.

The girlies pissed you missed the anniversary for the second year in a row. She wants you to move out of the house you have worked so hard to buy, and she plans on suing you for custody of the kid, and lay away the child support. She emptied the bank account, cancelled the wedding by telling the caterer to keep the full deposit, and sent your dog to the pound.

Thank heavens she only does this every other month. You couldn't take it on a monthly basis. So far you only lost three deposits, and have been successful at rescuing the mutt from certain death. Hopefully this time will be no different.

At Marios you meet and greet, sign and then dine on a hotdog an employee picks up for you at the hot dog stand across the street. You are pegged to be there until 3:30, and the time goes fast. You run out of 8x10's rather early, but autographs are free, and the publicity is what you are after. You feel successful in promoting the next weeks ppv and you almost forget your throbbing back, the same one the doctor insist is in bad need of surgery in order to prolong your wrestling career, and possibly ward off paralysis. Yes, you almost forget.

Overstaying your welcome at Marios you indulge a lucky few more fans, then leave~to arrive to the arena at 4:15. You will never make it, and 4:30 comes before you step foot into the building. In the back of the building you pass the line of people waiting for their turn at the masseus, but you have a production meeting to get to, and it's already in progress.

At the meeting you discuss where the promotion is going story line wise, you learn your role in it and who you are wrestling that night. You learn what they want for your finish, and you are just sure the office is trying to bury you! Where in the hell is the push they have been promising since the last contract negotiations? But you say "Ok, no problem", and resign yourself to making what they give you to work with to the best of your ability. Maybe, if you can pull it off and get it over, you will have more leverage the next negotiations.

Looking around your opponent seems to have disappeared. So much for talking your match out in any detail, you'll just call it on the fly and hope he can keep up.

The damp, cool air from the early evening begins to settle in your bones and you need to find the masseus, he seems to have magic hands, and his ability to rub down your twisted, broken body is the only way you feel you can go out there and leave your heart and soul on the mat. Passing by the catering table you are reminded you are very hungry. But you can eat later, right now you need the masseus.

You find your opponent in the room with the masseus, and a few people ahead of you. Sighing deeply you head for the locker room, thanking GOD for sports cream, maybe someone will help you apply it.

You can hear the arena filling with fans, the low din grows into a heavier rumble. Pulling on your kneepads you decide that you don't have time to find someone to apply the sports cream. Reluctantly you head for the curtain.

Your opponent is standing there a few feet from you, and you have just enough time to talk shop, roughly call your match and talk about spots. Slowely your apprehension begins to fade, and you begin to feel positive about the match you are about to have. Your opponent is a professional, and you decide that he knows if he makes you look good, he looks good. His contract is up for renegotiating too.

Your music hits, it's showtime.

As you step through the curtain you are bombarded by flashing bulbs, waving signs and the roar of the crowd. People are reaching out towards you, and you have to be mindful to not turn your back to anyone, lest they get ahold of you and tear you to shreds. AND YOUR THE BABYFACE! The energy from the spectacle washes over you like sonic waves, and the sheer electricity of the crowd raises goosebumps on your arms. Playing to the crowd you begin to make your way to the ring.

Magically, your knees that barely supported you body weight now seem to be perfectly healthy. The pain of your aching back has given way to the butterfly's in your stomach, and for a brief second you realise you are impervious to the pain. Your skin tingles, your heart races. Then you climb to the second turnbuckle to pay homage to the crowd.

Looking out into the crowd you are instantly aware that time seems to stand still. The crowd reaction is in super slow motion and you find yourself with an uncanny feeling of being in the Twilight Zone. To your left is a young boy. Maybe 10 years old. With eyes as big as saucers and a look of awe in his face, you decide he is the one you will throw your shirt to. Instantly you are transported back in time, to your own life in an arena not to different from the one you are in now. You remember standing up against the railing, looking up at awe to the wrestler on the ropes. To your amazement that wrestler took his shirt off, bundled it up, and threw it to you back then. And your Dad caught it for you. And you smile as you remember that you still have that momento from another time. You get the sense that your life, and career has come full circle.

Your opponents music hits, snapping you back to reality and you know you have about a minute and a half from beginning the match. You bail from the ring so your opponent has a chance to shake his azz to the crowd. Then the match begins in earnest.

Wrestling hard you put on the show of your life. There were exciting false finishes. Breathtaking high spots. And lots of crowd interaction. By the time your opponent squeakes out a victory, by cheating no less, you feel confident that you put on the best match of your career to date. You are busted wide open, have a couple dislocated fingers, and a possible concussion from one to many chair shots. But even in defeat you leave the ring to the sound of the crowd chanting your name. It is at this time you realize you feel warm inside and KNOW you would not be happy doing anything else. You left it all in the ring, again.

In the back the doctor sews your head shut. As you lay there other wrestlers are coming by and asking if you are ok. They all have kind words and heart felt congratualtions on a job well done. To your right you see the promoter walking past, in a hurry no doubt, towards another endless meeting, crisis or whatever. He doesn't have time to stop, but the huge smile on his face speaks a thousand words. Hopefully he is on his way towards the booking commitee to make good on the promised push. But it doesn't seem as important anymore. Another problem for another day. You are content to lay there and and just bask in the glory.

A little later you are back in a cab, heading back to the Airport Inn. The boys wanted you to join them at a local club, again. To celebrate, again. But not tonight. No, tonight you need to call the girlie and try to patch things up, your current loop is about to come to an end, and you want to have her as calm as possible for the two and a half day's you will be back home before you have to ship out again. Two and a half day's to calm her down, get the money put back in your account, the lawyer she hired put back on the rear burner and the mutt rescued from the pound. You already kissed the deposit from the caterer good-bye. long, hot bath and room service awaits your arrival.

It's 12:30. Wakeup is at 5 am and you are headed to the Mohegan Sun, so you might get a little more time for rest once you get there, on account Conneticutt is just a short plane ride away. oh, damn, you say as you remember just before you drift off to sleep, tomorrow you have an 11:30 am appointment at Joes Car wash where the activities planned will have you washing cars to promote that nights card. Thankfully you will have the benefit of doing this with the Divas, a point not to be lost on the girlie you are sure.

This time you plan on arriving early. The masseus owes you a massage!


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Tuesday, June 20, 2006



Being a wrestler is hard man. Just when you think you are knowing what you need to know as a performer (Don't worry, folks, I don't know nuffin, yet!) then you have "The Whole Other Side" to contend with. Some day I will write the difinitive book on "How To Become A Pro Wrestler For Dummies" but for now I am noticing that I wish someone had already written that book.

"So you want to be a wrestler?" That's what any teacher worth his or her salt say's in your introduction to wrestling school, then they procede to knock the holy living crap out of you. Actually, a little known secret for you none wrestlers out there, you begin knocking the holy living crap out of yourself, wrestlers will know what I mean. You learn how to be a monkey, or do monkeys, havn't made that determination yet, and learn how to land without breaking your back, or bumping as they call it. Then those crazy sob's want you to string moves together! Oh, simple you say? I beg to differ. Imagine this, if you will, you just get done running the Boston Marathon in all your couch potatoe glory, so you feel like you want to die. Your heart is racing at a pace dangerously close to thumping out of your chest, and they want you to think on your feet, call your spots (your set of moves) while telling a story with your body, and it has to be kept interesting. Then you realise you have eight more minutes to go, you have only wrestled two! And you do this over, and over and over.

And over.

So, you get all that down. You learn your monkeys, you learn how to unfold a match (In my case, still learning) you learn how to string the crowd along. You learn how to think on your feet (As opposed to your back, it works for me) you learn how to get chopped, slapped, kicked, punched, booted, landed on, catching, falling, butted (as in head) flying, tossing-over-the-ropes, poked, prodded and GOD knows what else. Then you learn how to recipprocate. And forget how to spell. And learn to sell. I made a rhymie! =-)

Ok, now all you have to do is hone all that, right?


Now these MO FO's want you to learn how to talk! Not easy to do my friends. You run the risk of sounding like a dweeb, stupid or just down right assanine, a field I have cornered. There is a fine science. Learning how to talk sh*t whilst not burying who you are talking about. Ok, you can make your opponent sound like a piece of crap, good. All you did is make it so if you lose, you lost to a piece of crap. Or you win the match, all you did is win over a piece of crap. This talking stuff is harder then it looks. Oh, Piper, where are you when I need you?

So, ok, you master talking good. Now you are ready to take the wrestling world by storm, right?


Locker room ettiquette. Oh, great, the thought brings visions of high school towel snapping and of someone throwing your clothes on a shower room floor. But, that is the easy part, and falls under the ribs catagory to be covered in a second. No, in LRE (Locker room ettiquette) learning how and when to defer to veterans. Who to approach with what question. Learning how to shut the hell up and do the most important thing of all: LISTEN.

Ok, time for ribbing.

As a new wrestler, when I attain such status that is, I can expect to be ribbed (practical joked) to absolute distraction. There are several reasons for this, one, it passes time for road weary wrestlers. It is a time honored tradition. And for the newbies, it serves as an excellent barometer to see if you can hang, to be allowed into the fraternity as one of the boys. I can expect my mind to be messed with, my body, my being and my overall sanity to be put through the ringer. And don't complain! Don't whine. Literally grin and bear it.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Before you get to the stage where you are allowed to learn LRE and ribbing, you actually have to work. Land a job. And oh what that entails...

So, you have been to wrestling school, learned the basics, begin to develop a character, or rather develop a character bestowed upon you, now what do you do? Let's see, put in my time, invented a whole new side of myself that drives my immediate family and friends nuts because to them all I did was equivilant to joining the circus (I am speaking in general terms, not me personally), why arn't the wrestling promoters beating down my door? And what do they mean, they never heard of me??? Ok, so they want me to send a resume. Damn, run across the time honored problem of you don't have a job because you don't have experience, and you can't gain experience until you land a job. And no, they mean experience in front of a paying crowd, you schmucks. And a video? They want a video? Let's think about this. You don't have a job. You need a job. You can't give them a video of yourself because you don't have a job. Oh, I suppose I could put something together that was filmed at school while I was learning my craft, you know, back when I was still confused between what a headlock and a drop toe hold was. Yeah, that'll make me look good.

But, as luck would have it, you finally find a promoter that will take a chance on the new guy. Or rather, needs a filler match to round out his card for the event he is putting together. So you fill in the comfortable role of being filler, and trying to not stink up the joint. But hey! Got a match, which means experience, which means a higher quality video to be made to be marketed around to land more work, right?

Well, sort of.

And yes, I am aware I used up my word quota for filler in the above paragraph, so kiss off.

At some point you become aware that several states have licensing requirements to work in. Great. $15.00 here, $25.00 dollars there. Need a physical, don't you know! And that promoter you finally talked into giving you a chance wants to work you in each of those states. Wonderful.

So you get licensed. Cool. I am on my way.

1200 mile weeks, by car, for $20.00 here, a hot dog and a beer there as your payoff. After going through all that which is listed above, you now have a job paying way less then what you could be making part time at 7-11, with the benefit of sleeping in your own bed at night.

Damn, that was a lot of work for that "privlidge."

And speaking for "the boy's", we wouldn't dream of doing anything else. Ever.

Ok, just felt like sharing that with you all. And for the record, I am somewhere in the above mentioned process, with a lot to look forward to do.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Wrestling News 06/12


Randy Orton announced that he is now a part of the RAW roster and did not give any reason why he jumped from Smackdown. Word is he wasn't getting along with some of the talent at Smackdown, especially some of the Divas, and WWE put him on RAW so he can be under the nose of Vince McMahon and Triple H to try and keep him in line. Whatever the real reason, it is a big blow to Smackdown on account of the recent huge loss of talent do to injury, ECW drafts and what not.

Nunzio is back in ECW as his old character, Little Guido. Also Stevie Richards, Al Snow (with Head), and Justin Credible are on the show and are a part of the ECW brand. And for you Goth types, look for David Heath (Gangrel) to also be an official ECW Superstar.

Major RAW Spoilers For Tonight Including 2 Returns
Date Added: June 12, 2006
Story By: Ryan Clark
Partial Source:

"The plan as of this morning was to keep the title on Rob Van Dam and have him lose it in a wrestling match at some point. Plans can change at the snap of a finger, especially on a live RAW day. Van Dam vs. Edge is scheduled for Vengeance although Cena may be put in to make it a three-way match for the title.

Shawn Michaels is likely for RAW tonight to help further the D-X return angle.

Tonight's RAW will be a heavy push for Vengeance, with Shawn Michaels & HHH vs. The Spirit Squad likely to be announced. They will also push the ECW show tomorrow night on SCI-FI with a big angle.

Ric Flair was scheduled to return tonight on RAW from a honeymoon. Vengeance is in Charlotte so he'll definitely be on the show.

Some of Harry Slash's ECW music was used at the PPV but not Enter Sandman. It's interested to note that a guy on the HBO boxing event on Saturday night used the Enter Sandman theme. Vince should really pay Metallica the rights to use the song.

Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley is being talked about for Vengeance. Some question the move due to the fact that they only have two weeks to promote it, but with Flair scheduled to return tonight from his honeymoon and with Vengeance in his hometown of Charlotte, this match is very possible.

You can expect a push for ECW's debut on the Sci Fi Channel tomorrow night at 10pm ET/9pm CT on Monday Night RAW tonight. It is very possible an angle could be started that gets pushed to the Tuesday night show involving Rob Van Dam, John Cena and Edge.

The crowd at the SmackDown tapings tomorrow night in Trenton, NJ is going to be a very interesting situation. As noted earlier, WWE will be taping SmackDown first and then ECW will go live on the Sci Fi Channel right afterwards. What will be interesting to see is how the crowd is for a WWE show and how they react afterwards to an ECW style show. It is clearly two totally different audiences so that could make or break the TV debut."

The above article is courtesy of www.prowrestlingscoops

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hello all.

Just a quick note and a bit of news concerning Road Warrior Animal.

I have been crazy busy lately and have not been able to update you on my quest for this wrestling thing. I went to Portland Sunday, and I will give one of my full, up to date declarations on my saga soon, hopefully within the next day or so. I have been working at the Sheriff Office a lot, seems there has been a huge influx of speeders out there, therefore request for the radar trailer have been pouring in. If you are a speeder, especially in Linn County, Oregon, slow down! Or my friends at the LCSO will want to "talk" to you!

But, for now...

[Breaking News] Road Warrior Animal Released From World Wrestling Entertainment

"WWE has come to an agreement on the release of Road Warrior Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) as of today June 6, 2006. We wish Joe the best in all future endeavors. This shouldn't come as a much of a surprise as he hasn't really been used since his days with Heidenreich. LCW Chairman of the Board Christian Calaway said, "At this time, Road Warrior Animal will not be invited back to Legends Championship Wrestling."

The previous is courtesy of LEGENDS CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING

All of us here at The Making Of A Wrestling GOD wish Animal the best of luck in the future and want to say thank you for all the years of "OOOOOHHHHHHHH WWWWHHHHHAT A RUSSSHHHHHHH!" We miss you too, Hawk!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wrestling News 06/01

The following news is compiled from,, and


From a news bulletin on

"WWE vs. ECW on USA April 27, 2006 The USA Network will get extreme on Wednesday night, June 7, when it brings to you WWE vs. ECW Head to Head. This two-hour special will feature Superstars from RAW, SmackDown and ECW and will originate from the Nutter Center in Dayton, OH. To charge tickets by phone, call (937) 228-2323."


There are 28 announced house show dates that will feature a combination of Smackdown TV tapings and ECW tapings. The July 22nd HS from the LC Walker Arena in Muskegon, MI has my particular attention as I am originally from there, and I might be thinking that would be a great time to go home and visit some family and friends, and check out the show while I am doing it. This list was taken from

Tuesday June 20 - Albany, N.Y. - Pepsi Arena Saturday June 24 - Philadelphia Pa. - Alhambra Arena Sunday June 25 - Elizabeth, Pa. - Court Time Sports Center Monday June 26 - Beckley, W. Va. - Armory Civic Center Arena Saturday July 1 - Toms River, N.J. - Poland Springs Arena Sunday July 2 - York, Pa. - Toyota Center Saturday July 8 - Racine, Wis. - Memorial Hall Sunday July 9 - Green Bay, Wis. - Brown County Expo Center Monday July 10 - La Crosse, Wis. - La Crosse Center Tuesday July 11 - Minneapolis, Minn. -Target Center (on sale June 10) Saturday July 15 - Tyler, Texas - Oil Palace Sunday July 16 - Huntsville, Texas - Sam Houston Coliseum Monday July 17 - Austin, Texas - Palmer Event Center Tuesday July 18 - Corpus Christi, Texas - American Bank Center Saturday July 22 - Muskegon, Mich. - L.C. Walker Arena (YAY!) Sunday July 23 - Saginaw, Mich. - Dow Event Center Monday July 24 - Battle Creek, Mich - Kellogg Arena Tuesday July 25 - Detroit, Mich. - Joe Louis Arena (On Sale June 24) Saturday July 29 - Durham, N.H. - Whittemore Center Sunday July 30 - Fitchburg, Mass. - Wallace Civic Center Saturday August 5 - Poplar Bluff, Mo - Black River Coliseum Sunday August 6 - Jackson, Tenn. - Oman arena Monday August 7 - McMinnville, Tenn.- McMinnville Civic Center Tuesday August 8 - Nashville, Tenn. - Gaylord Entertainment Center Saturday August 12 - Elmira, N.Y. - First Arena Sunday August 13 - White Plains, N.Y. - Westchester County Center Monday August 14 - Salisbury, Md. - Wicomico Center Tuesday August 15 - Washington, D.C. - MCI Center (on Sale June 24)


A lot of people have been asking me who the person was who dressed like the old Kane. Will the real Drew Hankinson aka Deacon Deville aka Freakin' Deacon please stand up?

Wrestling historians will remember SummerSlam 1994 when The Undertaker faced , um himself, in an angle that quickly fizzled. I can't remember off the top of my head (or maybe I just never knew) who played the fake Undertaker then, but WWE is calling Kanes new look alike Jacob Goodnight. I think if Kane faces, hum, himself in an upcoming PPV it might be better received then Undertakers foray into madness a decade ago. But, maybe that's just my own madness wishful thinking. I like the angle.

By the way, Undertaker having a fake. Kane having a fake. Mickie James turned herself into a mini Trish Stratus, Trish returned the favor. Now Beth Phoenix looking a lot like Trish. Is anyone besides me seeing anything in common here? WWE must LOVE these angles. With the exception of the Kane VS Kane one, they can keep their angles! IMHO of course.

5/27 RAW HOUSE SHOW RESULTS - 5/30 WWE Raw house show May 27, 2006 Kennewick Washington

From the above mentioned, verbatim:

"This was the WWE's first visit to the Toyota Center in the Tri Cities. The building was about sixty percent full, with about seven thousand the entire capacity. After the playing of the national anthem (during which no spotlights illuminated the flag so it could barely be made out in the darkness) the show began. The PA system in the Toyota Center was terrible, so many introductions were hard to make out. (1) Robbie McAllistair & Rory McAllistair (The Highlanders) beat Cade & Murdoch. The two unknowns were popular just for not being Cade & Murdoch, who played toward breaking up as a team when they lost, only to hug and make up to the crowd's disgust. (2) Harry Smith beat Matt Striker. My friend and I were excited to see the British Bulldog's son, since he was my favorite wrestler when I was growing up. Harry looks just like his father in the face, although not as muscular and standing much taller, probably about six five. He's quick and athletic, but sold a lot for Conway, playing the youngster that kept getting outmaneuvered by the veteran. Harry won the match with a great version of his father's running powerslam. This kid is going to be good. Matt Stryker in the ring with Jim Duggan. Duggan did the whole bit with the flag, the chants, and the two by four, and the crowd loved it. He seemed to enjoy every minute of it, too. Not much beyond the predictable with Stryker running down the locals and Duggan playing the hero. (4) Umaga (w/Estrada) defeated Eugene. Pretty much a squash with Eugene selling a beating by the fat guy. (5) Shelton Benjamin beat RVD and Carlito in a three-way to retain the IC Title. RVD was way over with the crowd, while my friend and I tried to start chants for Carlito. It's funny to compare how some faces work the crowd. While other performers in the show would implore the crowd, slap the ring and shake their fists to get a crowd reaction, Carlito did it all with subtle expressions and very little overt body language. This guy is a natural when it comes to playing to the crowd. Good match between the three of them, with all the wrestlers pulling out all stops. They didn't go half speed because there wasn't cameras rolling. Shelton pulled out the cheap win after an RVD splash on Carlito. After the match Carlito and RVD shook hands to show they were still "cool." 6) Victoria and Mickey James vs Torrie Wilson and Beth Phoenix(?). Couldn't make out Torrie's partner's name over the PA, but it looked like the girl that Trish introduced recently. The match itself was ugly, with several missed spots, but Torrie and Victoria especially made up for it by looking so good. Victoria up close (we were about five rows back) is even better looking than she is on television. Torrie and Beth won, after a Torrie pin on Victoria, I think. The end of the match was kind of a mess. (7) Spirit Squad beat Snitsky & Goldust. The morons behind us were cheering their lungs out for Goldust & Snitsky, so of course later on they were booing Cena. What kind of bizarro world do we live in? The crowd were behind the freaks from the beginning, but the Squad danced, hollered and cheated their way to a victory. (8) John Cena beat Edge (w/Lita) in a cage to retain the WWE Title. The special referee was Ricky Steamboat, and the crowd reaction to him was huge. He probably got the second biggest response of the night, next to Cena. Lita looked incredible in one of her low cut shirts. Cena played to the crowd before he and Edge got it on. After Lita interfered a few times by keeping Cena from escaping the cage, Steamboat got a big reaction by sending her from ringside. After some fighting on the edge of the cage, Edge knocked out Steamboat which allowed Lita to return, only to be FU'd by Cena, with Edge tapping to the STF soon after. After the match, a bloody Cena played to each side of the building for cheers for a few moments before leaving. Nothing else occurred afterwards. Overall, it was a very good show. I'd heard something about low quality how shows, but this was better than any Raw I've seen in recent memory. The wrestlers gave everything they had and didn't appear to be saving anything for a bigger show somewhere else down the line. I encourage every fan to get out and see the live events, they're worth the money." Well, that's it for now. I would like to thank you all for attending TGO Show. I'll bring you more news and reviews after I snoop around some more.


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