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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

7/23 Wrestling Training Recap, and The Girlie Get's Recognized

7/23 Wrestling Training Recap, and The Girlie Get's Recognized
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Well, this was a very interesting weekend. With temperatures up in the 100's it was no wonder why the girlie was a little more, oh let's just say less then cordial.

For those of you in the know, the girlie, who's name is Keidi, already hates that I have wrestling in my life. However this weekend it got ugly, and now I am forced to reveal more personal things then I care to over this computer. But, she asked for it, and insist on it, so who am I to not indulge her, huh?

Keidi, baby, this is for you. Just remember you asked for this, and maybe now you will be more careful in that for which you ask for.

1 You say I tell more to people over this computer about my life in wrestling then I do to you. Well, that may be true dear, but you hate it. You hate I am involved in it and you never turn down an opportunity to bash it. It is a sad fact that I get more support and the people are more excited about what I am doing then you are. Whenever I ask you to help me with something wrestling related you ALWAYS shoot me down. You have gone so far as to promise me you would do something for me, resulting in me giving my word to others, then fail to honor what you said, resulting in me looking like a huge jackass and not keeping a commitment. And anytime I bring wrestling up you get pissed! Downright postal. Yes, you did go with me once, a long time ago, to a local sporting goods store to buy some new kneepads, and you bring that up as being supportive? Well, it's not, so stop fronting on that ok? I might as well been going to buy dog food.

2 I am not wasting my time. I have always said to you, and to those who are following along online that if I wrestled at least one match then I was calling this endeavor a success. Well, I have wrestled, and every match since then is just gravy. I have told you that I am not now, nor will I ever be a professional wrestler. I am just a fan who happens to wrestle, this is the ultimate in fan participation for me. Through this little adventure of mine I have met people I am fans of, and I am allowed to even get in the ring and wrestle with some of them. You love Survivor! If you was to be so fortunate as to be able to go camping with Richard Hatch I would never even dream of stepping in your way. Find something you are passionate about and go with it! If you found something that made you feel half as good as wrestling does me I would never even consider asking you to give it up. In fact, I would be extremely happy for you. Wrestling is one thing that is ALMOST as important to me as you are. But your attitude on it stinks and it hurts me that you won't indulge me this one thing.

3 Those people who leave comments on MySpace comments section, I don't know them. Any of them. They don't know me either. They are just well wishers who are cheering me on, that's all. Yahni, I don't know her. I have never spoken to her. I don't know who she is, what she does or anything else. Yes, she has left several messages for me, but that's all they are is messages, well wishes. That's all. And yes she left a comment that closed with "Love ya" or something to that effect. Whoopdy freakin doo! Believe it or not, a lot of people say that to people. It's as generic now a days as later gator. While I appreciate her comments and support, as I do with everyones, there is no sordid love triangle. This isn't junior high, and this is MYSPACE for crying out loud! If I was looking to stray on you, I wouldn't look here. I would be more apt to join one of those singles cults you see advertised everywhere. At least then I would possibly be able to see through those posers! Here on MySpace it's a jungle. And thanks for believing in me by the way. In wrestling and in love. Yes, they were both meant to be facetious.

4 Wrestling takes having a strong personality. Through different periods of our life together you have said I was both a pompous ass, or had the personality of a wet mop. Well, they say the likes of Ric Flair could have a 5 star match with a mop. And Mr Flair? It would be an honor. As far as being a pompous ass, well, the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple HHH have taken that formula straight to the top. So I guess I am in fine company. What are you gonna do when I really turn that wrestling charm on and go full on Pompous ass? Run for the hills, I would. But I hope you would trust I would mute it at home.

5 Yes, dear, it might not make sense to you. I understand that. But where you see grown men in tights pretending to fight, I see great enthusiasm. I see gifted athletes who have the ability to tell a story with their bodies. I see people who have the power of being able to control a crowd with their actions, to hold the audience in the palm of their hands. I have offered to take you up to Portland, to let you step in the ring so you can learn the difference between play fighting and the hellacious pain that gets employed before the only true aspect of the predetermined part get's employed. But if you remember you have declined every time.

Keidi, I love you. We have been together for six years, and down some very long, rough roads together. Believe you me, there isn't any vice out there that wrestling will bring to me that I can't get through. I am very happy being with you, and I need your support. If I can't get it then it is no wonder I keep wrestling away from you because all it does is cause problems. And I am not about to quit. I can't, and I can't explain why. Just sit back, enjoy the ride and you may, just barely and against your will, enjoy the trip.

Ok, enough of that. If I thought I was bashed over the weekend, this really aught to get my ass kicked. Just remember, honey, I love you? Be gentle and kill me quick.

I have not been up to the school in a good while, and there was a number of new students there. This one guy looked like Elvis, he had the jet black hair, the famous Elvis pompadour and even the sideburns. He looked like a carbon copy of Rico Constantino. As far as his working goes, he was only on his second class, so all he was doing was monkeys, so it was kind of hard to tell if he has it or not, but as far as looks go, he is a winner. It was funny, Elvis was in the ring and people were telling him to bust out the Blue seuede shows and stomp a mudhole, and to pretend he wasn't getting along together with Suspicious Minds. He left early, and as he stepped onto the bus that was just outside the door Colonel DeBeers quips "Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has gotten on the bus!" Well, I guess you had to be there, but it was damn funny. He's a nice kid with a great look, and he might do just fine. Time will tell.

Then there was this really big guy who I have to take my hats off to. He was way more athletic then a guy his size should be, but he was very nice and respectful. I kinda felt bad for him because everyone was taking turns chopping the hell out of his chest, just giving him the dickens, but he was a good sport about it. I think if he works hard and listens to Buddy and Colonel he will be good to go.

Then there was two new girls. One was very shy and timid, I honestly can't say I expect her to stay around long. She tried hard, but just couldn't relax enough to go with the flow. If she loosens up and goes for it she might turn herself around, but if not then I suppose she'll just fade away. But the other one now! She is a huge mark and is just tickled to shit to even be there. Kinda like me! She tries very hard, and Colonel DeBeers worked with her quite a bit. Her training is coming along nicely because she was easily 100% better after the class then when she first started a couple hours earlier.

Then there is another newbie, but I wrestled him in my last match of the day, so I'll get back to him later.

Ok, since there was so many newbies there I only wrestled in two matches. The first was with my arch nemesis Malachi! Actually it was only my second time wrestling Malachi, but with a name like his how can he not be your arch nemesis?

We talked over the match, and we agreed I was going to employ heelish characteristics and whoop the tar out of him (In keeping with my smashmouth style I suppose) while giving him openings to mount some offense. The finish was I was to ascend to the top rope where he was going to meet me and then deliver a hurrincanrana off the top rope for the pin. However, and for reasons unknown to me, about 30 seconds before we stepped into the ring he nixed it and decided we would just call it in the ring, which works for me as I am a big fan of on the fly spontanaety (If I spelled that right). We had a good match, but nothing really outrageous happened until I really cracked my knee hard. Since I didn't know the finish, or even who was going over in the match I made the executive decision to hurt my knee. The psychology being that after getting whooped on for a bit he would take advantage of my injury to end the match somehow. So I give him a sidewalk slam by the ringpost and I whisper to him to lay there and move out of the way at the last second so I could put my plan in motion. So I climb the turnbuckle, jack my jaws to the crowd of students and took flight. Well, Malachi must not have heard me as the last second when he was supposed to move passed rather quickly and I was forced to readjust in flight , turn slightly to my left as I straightened out my leg, thus driving my right knee straight into the mat. You would be suprised what 260 lbs and gravity can do as they teamed up to kick my ass. However the searing pain passed rather quickly, which is a testament to the healing properties of adrenaline and being caught up in the moment can do. It wasn't until later, while I was driving home that I noticed that the gas pedal in the truck seemed a lot stiffer, and everytime I moved the leg to apply the brake, the lateral movement just killed me. But I digress. I got even about a minute later when, as he powered out of the camel clutch I had him in I caught him in the eye pretty good. But I bet he is seeing ok now, my freakin knee still hurts! As I turned from throwing verbal assaults at the referee he hit me with an inside cradle and scored the pin, the prick!

The second match was with a newbie who has limited working knowledge, but it went rather well. I led him through the match, at one point I called for him to deliver a DDT, after the match he told me that was his first time, which made me nervous as you can break someones neck if you do it wrong. But to his credit he did it perfectly. I was able to balance on the top of my head for a second before my body crumpled, resulting in a very good visual effect. The match ended when I reversed a, HA! just realised it, a camel clutch into an ankle lock and made him tap. I know he was quite pleased with his match, and I have to say he is picking things up quite nicely. Now, if I can only remember his name. But, whoever you are, we'll lock horns again, and hopefully we do even better!

Well, this was 27 and 1/2 miles long, so I think I should end it now. Thanks for reading, and I'll be sure to keep you all appraised in any future developments. So until next week, Sayonara!

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Friday, July 21, 2006


Friday, July 14, 2006

From my site at

Friday, July 14, 2006

New Layout for "The Making Of A Wrestling GOD"
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Just a quick note....

You all may have noticed that the layout of "The Making Of A Wrestling GOD" on has changed. The red thatch has served me well, but, to quote the late~great Owen Hart: "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!" The layout at remains the same, however, I like the clean simplicity of it.

This Sunday is wrestling time at the school. I need to hone my greenhorn skills, and I can't truly become the second best wrestler to NEVER make the big time unless I get my butt out there and wrestle. Besides, I think Buddy Rose and Colonel DeBeers miss me because they keep calling to ask if I shall grace them with my presence. HA! Either that or I need a lot more work before they put their stamp of approval on me. So, Sunday, to Portland I must go.

Timmins Ontario, Canada. September 30th, BSE and CrimeStoppers bring wrestling to the great people of Timmins! TNA superstar Christian Cage is slated to be there, and The Original Sinn and Squeaky MIGHT make an appearance as well. I will be back with a complete roster when I get the word. Oh, and the card, as always, is subject to change.

A very special shout out to my friend Char and her husband who celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary (If I spelled that right, when is myspace gonna get a spell checker???) this Sunday. Kudos to you guys, and here's to 10 more!

That aught to do it for now. Until I grace you with my presense again, I hope this was enough to sustain you all, and you got your fill of TGO! Either that, or TGO is filled of something else. I vote for the latter!

Until then,


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Check out this event: The Blue Meanie Benefit Show
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Hosted By: Blue Meanie
When: Wednesday Aug 09, 2006
at 8:30 PM
Where: Whiskey Dix
421 N. 7th St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Blue Meanie

Click Here To View Event

Spread the word!


Monday, July 10, 2006

Do you want to attend wrestling school?

Monday, July 10, 2006

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Open casting call time.


Are you a wrestling fan? Have you ever wanted to step into the squared circle and do what your idols do?

Nows your chance!

If you live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, around Salem, Corvallis, Lebanon or Albany (Oh Hell, Eugene and Springfield as well) then I have a very special and unique opportunity for you.

Training with two of the best the old school has to offer.

Playboy Buddy Rose and Colonel DeBeers have over 30 years of wrestling experience. Buddy Rose has wrestled every big name star, a virtual who's who of the wrestling world. From Andre the Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Shawn Michaels he has wrestled them all. Buddy was even in the first match of the very first Wrestlemania where he wrestled as the Executioner against Tito Santana. Colonel DeBeers credits his training from Harley Race and Lord Littlebrook. His runs through the AWA are the stuff of legend. DeBeers more notable feuds were with Superfly Jimmy Snuka, SGT Slaughter, and he was managed by the one and only Classy Freddie Blassie during his run with WWE.

If you are serious, have the drive and determination and are not afraid of success then drop me an email with your contact information. This is a real opportunity for a real person, so please, only serious inquiries only.

~Chris Hawk

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Para Mi Amigo, Eddie Guerrero

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Para Mi Amigo, Eddie Guerrero
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I guess it should come to pass that I mention to you all my reason for going through wrestling boot camp, and what Eddie Guerrero could possibly have anything to do with it. My readers at "The Making Of A Wrestling GOD" already know, but for my new MySpacers, here is the story.

I used to dream about becoming a pro wrestler. You know, back when becoming an Astronaught, Hollywood Actor or Indian Chief each enjoyed equal billing on the list of what I wanted to do when I grew up. But wrestling was always the top spot for me. But it's funny how life has a tendancy of getting in the way of a persons whimsy. (Yes, I know I use whimsy often, I like the word. Say it fast! WHIMSY! WHIMSY!...ahh, go to hell then.) I mean, there ARE pro wrestlers out there. Very few compared to the masses who want to become one. The same can be said for Astronaughts. And any number of popular "whimsical" professions. But, save for the select few that actually make a go of whimsical endeavors, for the rest of us life leads us down a more conventional path. Some meet the person of their dreams. For others maybe the Military calls their name. And still others just decide for some unknown reason they don't have it in them to try what they really want to do and so they take up accounting. Whichever the case, the reason may be as different from one person as it is to the next.

Take me, for example.

Early 1990's I find myself out of high school, being all I could be~ In The Arrrrmmm....mmm...mmmyyyyy. Getting to the next beer bash with my friends and fast cars with faster woman was all I found myself interested in. I enjoyed spectacular success in wasting my time with not applying myself when I should have, ie: dead end jobs, and a lot of them! Let's see, in one summer I found myself in this tortuous schedule: Wake up around noon~30 and take a shower to wash the previous nights noxious ether of beer, cigarette smoke and bad cologne off my body. At two I was at the Harness Horse Racing Track for the first of my jobs of the day, cleaning up the place from the previous nights chaos of betting slips, nacho containers and fountain drink cups. I was out of there at five to grab a bite to eat, change into my uniform of chinos, white button down shirt and bow tie with a "Muskegon Race Track" logo'd vest for my shift as a mutuals cashier at said track. At ten I ran to the car, grabbed the jeans and very tight fitting black "Rush Street" t~shirt and changed in the porta potty so I was ready for my third job of the day/night, being a bouncer at "The Preeminent Nightspot in Muskegon". By the time the place closed down it was about three in the am before I left the place. Home? You may all be thinking that, but oh, how you would be mistaking. There are the obligatory after parties and occasional late night beer bashes at the beach I had to attend, the price of living on the fringe of jet setting! That put me home at around 7:30/8:00 am, and then I would catch a few zzz's before I woke up at noon or so to do it all over again. Oh, and I was fullfilling my reserve military obligation at that time, so once a month I also threw National Guards into the equation as well.

I did this for a long time, and I loved every minute of it. But then Mother died.

I was very close to my Mom. Not a day goes by I don't think of her for at least a second. I used to have these dreams about her, but since I wrote about them in an interview Char (Hi Char!) did with me, I'll spare you those epics. My Mother was an avid bingo fan, and to this day I still carry, in my wallet now because the thingy broke that kept it on my keys, a round little medallion that say's "BORN TO BINGO" on it. It was her good luck charm. She went to work one morning and never came home. They say she had a massive heart attack, and I still feel my own heart ache when I think of her dying on the floor of that hot hell hole she worked in. The place didn't have adaquate ventilation. But I digress.

Her passing put an end to my playboy ways, and I spent the next couple years just existing. I worked for my Uncles lighting component company and did my best to just move on with my life. Wrestling was, during that time, just an after thought.

And life just passed me by. I neither looked up, nor waved.

So, life got in the way of my pursuit of whimsical fancy. Or did it? Sometimes things happen that lead you down certain paths. A pro wrestler, like Eddie Guerrero, might have been lead down a shorter path to reach wrestlings door, mine was more circuitous. But in the end the destination is the same and how we individually got there is soon lost in the shuffle of trying to open that door now that you are there.

I never followed Eddie during his time in Mexico with Art Barr when they were taking EMLL by storm. I knew, vaguely, of Chavo, Mando and Hector from their exploits in Southern California, but to be honest I never paid them any mind. I was all WCCW, WWF (E) and NWA/WCW. I was there for Chris Benoits coming of age, Ric Flair and the Horseman. LOD, it was ALL GOOD. Eddie came aboard, and I remember thinking that he was pretty good. But the powers that be never really pushed Eddie, so he was just one of many on an under utilized roster. Fast forward to WWE and the birth of the attitude era, WCW fell off my wrestling radar.

So, hindsight being what it is at 20/20 I am, in all actuality, a Johnny-come lately in the Eddie Guerrero appreciation bandwagon. When Chavito and Eddie started their "Lie Cheat and Steal" gimmick I soon fell in love with the ring work Eddie displayed day in and day out. His matches were superb, and he had that intangible "it factor" that is all too elusive in most wrestlers today. He had charisma, he had athletic ability. He had a personality like I never saw before, but with that being said, I am a fan of Eddie, the person. Wrestling a close second.

As you all may now know, Eddie fought some serious demons in his life. The addiction of alcohol and drugs took everything away from him he ever worked for. His career, his family, and about every dime he ever made. Imagine this for a second: he made it in one of the toughest vocations you could possibly imagine. He enjoyed a success in wrestling that no one else in his family was able to obtain. And they have been at it for over 70 years. He had a loving wife, beautiful children and life, as they say, was a peach. But his addiction to drugs and alcohol cost him all that. In 2001 he found himself unemployed, seperated from his wife and kids and deeply in debt to the IRS. His future was certainly in doubt. But he never gave up. He fought back those addictions, and with true guts, strength and conviction he not only got his life back, but he reunited with his wife, got his financial situation taken care of and re-signed with WWE. He went from being down and out in 2001 to winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World in 2004.

So, I found myself following Eddies career. He was enjoying push, and I counted him on my short list of wrestlers I would actually mark out for. And I don't mark out for just anyone. "Cheating Death, Stealing Life" was played on my DVD player more then once and I realized I was becoming quite the student of Eddies. We even named Norton the Pot Bellied Pig, Norton Guerrero because of his penchent for lying, cheating and stealing. He would swear to you he hadn't been fed in six months! What a lie that was. I caught him stealing grapes (one of Nortons absolute favorites) from the fridge on more then one occasion, and he frequently cheated the other piggees here out of the food in their bowls long bout dinner time. Norton WAS Eddie, in Pig form.

Norton passed away very unexpectedly in September, Eddie followed a few months later. 2005 was not a good year for those with the name of Guerrero.

So, I have always wanted to wrestle. But I never did anything to realize that dream of mine. By the time I started to give it serious thought I felt I passed the age when going down that road was feasible. But I remember that sad November day when I heard Eddie passed on. At the time I was content with just being me, for better or worse, but while I was sitting here at this very computer and I heard Eddie passed onto bigger and better promotions in the sky I felt this compulsion to research wrestling schools. (With a smile) A whimsical compulsion. I quickly ran across the wrestling school of Playboy Buddy Rose and Colonel DeBeers, made the phone call that set me down this road. The very next weekend I set foot for the first time inside a pro wrestling ring, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I made a promise to myself, and to Eddie that day. I was going to give it hell, this little dream of mine, and I was doing it for Eddie. I never met the man, but he touched a spot in the heart that made me appreciate him so much. Like I said, aside from his wrestling skills, he was a true man. He represents to me what you can do if you put your mind to it. He had it rough. He went from the deepest dreges of rock bottom and went straight to the top. All in the while fighting forces and addictions that most people would have turned tail and ran from. He didn't let statistics and nay sayers dictate the outcome of his life. To quote William Henley and the poem Invictus, this definatley applied to Eddie:
"It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul."

So, now you all know. It's slightly Twilight Zonish now that I think of it. It took the death of my beloved Mother to deter me from my wrestling dream. And it took the death Of Eddie Guerrero to put me back on the path. Two very important people and influences on my life. I would gladly give it up to have them back, but since it is what is is, I am going to do this. I don't care what it takes. How long it takes. What others have to say and how much anything or anyone tries to hold me back. So, Mom and Eddie, this is for you! I will try to make you proud, and I am looking up to you in the hopes that you are smiling down to me!


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Monday, July 03, 2006

Manic Mondays, Sudden Realiziations and Piss Poor Excuses
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I work hard. All week long I bust my ass with my "day job". Weekends are devoted to the girlie, and wrestling, followed by the ever present manic monday that kicks the whole cycle off again. All that has as much to do with nothing, but it is who I am. There you go, a bit of whimsy for you guys, like you really give a flying f*ck.

I like Mondays, personally. It is, to me, proof that life has a system, a set of rules it must follow as it marches into that good night.. Again, another set of rules, night follows day, sun say's good-bye to the moon until morning when they make reaquaintence.

Ok, that's all the sappy I feel like getting. If I go sap, you go slap, and knock me back to reality, if you would.

Rules are made to be broken, to hell with the above paragraph. I live my life by the rules and so far it has gotten me by. But I don't want to just get by anymore. Why is it that a person does what they have to do to get by, but they don't do what they got to do to get ahead? Well, some people do, but I don't know them. I wish I did, I would gladly grab onto their coattails and ride them straight to the top. But, alas, like I said I don't know those people, so I guess I have to become one and ride my own damn coattails. And conformity isn't my forte', it should be a hell of a transition.

I want to be a wrestler. Now it's time to put the work in. I bet one thing the average fan doesn't know just how lonely a life it is. I am in the bare bones beginning of this wrestling dream of mine, and I have found out that wrestling isn't what it seems. My girlie hates it that I am doing it, she comes between me and mat time on a regular occasion. My friends, most of which hate pro wrestling, think I am crazy for putting myself through this. And the friends of mine who are huge wrestling fans think I have a snow balls chance in hell of succeeding. So I am doing this all alone. I have been accused of losing the sight of the goal, and I am fighting like hell not to do so with this. My goal is to wrestle. That's it. Not in WWE. Not in TNA. Just wrestle.

So, the excuses are gone. It's show time. If the girlie loves me, she will indulge me. If my friends care about me they'll cheer me all the way to Portland (The wrestling school) and beyond. And if I make it? Life in hotel rooms. Any degree of success dictates life on the road. Kind of an oxy-moron of a situation, really. Surrounded by fans. Hounded by the masses when I go anywhere in public. Yet all alone. No one to get close to you. No one to interact with you.

But realistically. Some small measure of success is what I expect. Maybe a short career, working the bingo halls and VFW Posts of my immediate vicinity. And I am willing to work long, hard and with veracity to make sure it happens.

But I realized my strength does not lie in promoting. Sorry Sinn! I think our little petition never got off the ground. Thanks to Char for indulging me and posting the petition. But it's time to put that baby to bed. So I won't be working for Sinn and his own Fed anytime soon. I just have to work a bit harder is all. To everyone who saw the petition and just blew it off, kiss my ass! I'll see you in the wrestling ring as I am looking out to the crowd, and think YOU paid to get in the door, and I am being paid for going through the same door, you schmucks!

The truck is broke, that's my ride to Portland. I'll either get it fixed, or start walking early. If I leave by Wednesday I should make it in time for class. That excuse is busted.

The girlie hates that I am wrestling and not with her. So I'll take her with me, then she can't say I don't spend enough time with her. That excuse is busted.

My friends are laughing at me and my dream. I won't spend any of the money I earn while wrestling at the local suds factory (beer). There, that excuse is busted.

This post is not making much sense. I better close this out now before you all figure out that I have issues. I promise the next post will be more entertaining, make more sense, and have a, well, purpose. Something this one clearly doesn't have.

Eddie. I'll write about Eddie Guerrero. It is about time I bring him into this.

Later Gators.

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