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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

9/24 Wrestling Training Recap/Catch All Blog

Monday, September 25, 2006

9/24 Wrestling Training Recap/Catch All Blog
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This wrestling training recap is going to be a little different as I am going to deviate from the schedule and include some subjects off topic.

Here is the itinerary:

9/24 Wrestling Training Recap

A very special shout out and thank you to someone who actually is making a difference!

My thoughts on Kurt Angles release from WWE and subsequent signing with TNA

Finally, where do we go from here?

So, without further adiu: Here we go!

First of all, I need to find a good way to segue two of the above topics as they are quite related. However, since I am tired, have a case of a bad chest cold/body aches from wrestling, I am not going to change the chapters listed above in the itinerary. So, just pay attention and we aught to do fine.

The Thank you as it pertains to the recap:

I am not going to name you here. I won't because I don't need to drop any names, and I don't need the accusation that I am using you, my VERY SMALL association with you, or anything else to give myself any credability. With some things going on in your life right now of GIGANTIC proportions, and with the little bit of drama with the J.W. controversy and such, you don't need another outlet for crazy nut jobs to throw any more monkey wrenches into your already hectic life. But, you know who you are, and from the deepest recess of my heart I extend to you a most genuine THANK YOU!

Ok, for those of you who are reading this and thinking TGO lost his freaking mind and is not making any sense, I recently ran across someone who is, let's just say "known" in the wrestling industry. For some unknown reason he has taken somewhat of a liking to me and has offered me some of the best advise/motivational talkings to that anyone has ever done for me. As a result I hit the mat with a new attitude and a bigger, more clearer dream, and it showed! This past Sunday I had the BEST session of school I think I ever had, and that resulted in both Colonel DeBeers and Buddy Rose to offer mucho complimentos!

We started off doing drills, where, for instance me and a partner would lock up, one take a headlock, the headlockee would shoot the headlocker off the ropes, headlockee take a shoulder tackle, bump, dropdown twice, get up, duck a clothesline and then headlocker give headlockee (Who actually were not engaged in a headlock for quite some time, just trying to make a picture stick in your head) a flying cross body press. Oh, then "Get it again", which means, of course, a complete repeat of the above listed events. May I ask you if that sounded confusing? Well, you have the benefit of reading it and able to think about it. Now picture trying to perform it, make it look good, have the timing down (which is way harder then you think) all while under the scrutinization of the Colonel and Buddy Rose who have 60 plus years collective experience. Yep, welcome to my world, people!

And I performed it ALMOST perfectly.

Colonel DeBeers pulled me aside, said that he loves my bumps! No, I mean he really emphasised that! He told me where I didn't do anything wrong, it all looked good, but he suggested that I don't give three awsomely looking elbows to the gut of my opponent THEN back him to the ropes for the shoot off, but how about giving one elbow, start backing him, as we are moving to the ropes give him another elbow, then, just as we reach the ropes give him another elbow, and then shoot him off. That way it looks even better. Or, that I give a couple elbow shots and shoot him without backing to the ropes. His point being that EVERYTHING you do has a meaning. It is little things like that that is the difference of doing something good, and doing something great. My execution, other then a few minor things like that was quite good!

First match up: Three way Tag match between High Times, Brandon and Myself vs Noah, Elvis and Chris Payne.

This was a pretty fast paced match with decent psychology, quick tags and the finish was ok. Those of you who read last weekends WTR will remember my synopsis of how three and four way tags are hard to pull off, so I won't go into it here. But, as you may know, too much happens to fast for me to report every nuance of what went down, so here is the finish. I was working over Elvis in the corner (Oh, they were faces, my team was heels so our team spent most of the match in control) when he somehow got a move in enough to distract me so he could make the tag to Noah. Noah comes in, all fired up, for which case I beg off for a second, then land a dastardly poke in the eyes. Just when you think I am in control, Noah punches me in the gut off a headlock, shoots me in the ropes, I duck a clotheline, and he followed me into the ropes, pulling me down for a roll up and the quick pin. No dashing highspot to finish the match, you may be thinking? Nope, in keeping with the psychology that we set up for the whole match, the faces defeated us heels fair and square in the middle of the ring with a simple, basic wrestling move.

My second match was with someone I have never seen, didn't catch his name, but had obvious experience. This was more a match between "tweeners" and the psychology reflected that. We started off chain wrestling, emphasising (Spell?) speed, something of which I need a little more work in. But it went well, the finish was, and in keeping with my having worked over his neck for the match when he wasn't working over mine, I slapped on a twist of fate type of manuever and scored the pin.

Ok, the third match, and my main event, involved a singles match between me and my ARCH NEMESIS THRASH! Like I have said in every posting I ever mention him in, Thrash is my favorite opponent because our styles really compliment each other. Thrash is a gifted worker and has carried me more then once to a decent match. But I think I am catching up and he doesn't have to carry me as much!

Last week, you may remember, Thrash defeated me with a gore in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3. Before we locked errr up this time I gave in impromptu promo saying how I was back for revenge, and that this time TGO was going to whoop his non mohawk having (anymore, he shaved it off!) ass!

Oh, Thrash pinned me. Again! ARRRRRGGGHHHH!

Actually it wasn't as good a match as last weeks was. But after me putting the beatdown on his candy ass for about five straight minutes, and it looking like I was indeed going to do what I said I was gonna do, I got overzealous and shot him into the ringpost. Well, that's what I attempted, he reversed it, sending me in facefirst, and rolling me up with a schoolboy. Man, I felt like such a gimzer!

Afterwards Colonel again pulled me aside and gave me a talking to. You see, for a while I slacked off on my training. I let life get in the way of my dream, and for several weeks in a row I didn't even go. When I was there I approached it as I am just there as a fan, and this is the ultimate in fan participation, so anything I do that looks even close to wrestling is a gift to myself. But, after getting talked to by the person I addressed earlier who gave me hope and a new purpose, I actually tried my best and it showed! Colonel said he saw a big difference in my wrestling, and he said I look very good in there. He said I don't have that "lost" look I was so fond of sporting for awhile, and while he understood it may not be possible to be there every weekend, if I made more classes, I could actually do quite well. Colonel DeBeers doesn't pass compliments of that nature out much, and for him to do so meant the world to me!

So this get's back to my initial thank you to you know who. Since he came into my wrestling life I picked up my game, got worlds of compliments by the best the old school has to offer in Buddy Rose and Colonel DeBeers, got submitted for and recieved a call back from a genuine casting director out of LA for a show WWE and USA Network is putting together! If I can only believe in myself half as much as you guys who support me, and my special friend does, then there is no doubt I WILL go far!

Alrighty then. Kurt Angle.

Kurt was released from WWE after he served a small suspension for being in possession of narcotic pain killers that did not belong to him. He has admitted that he has been taking pain medicine, his body is in shambles and that at this pace he was going to either work himself into an early grave, or into a wheelchair. So Kurt was released, and subsequently signed with TNA. Anyone see a problem here?

I don't.

First of all, I do not know the whole story, and neither do you. We wrestling fans only know what was released in statements and what Kurt has said to his fans. While on the top I have to admit it looks a bit shady on Kurts part, but for me to pass judgement on what amounts to hypothesis and conjecture is not only very wrong, but could be a great disservice to both Kurt and WWE. On Kurts side he signed a deal that could still give him a very good income, but reduce his workload down from some 150 matches a year to around 25. He can do this by only working PPV's and an occasional TV taping, but skipping all the house shows. This reduced schedule COULD offer Kurt the time to get his body back in line, himself off painkillers and a better chance to get his personal life back in line. Who am I to say it was a wrong move? And as far as WWE is concerned, do you think they would advertise that Kurt was definitly going to TNA? First of all when a wrestler is released they are almost 100% of the time bound to a no compete clause that is effective typically for 90 day's, for which WWE still pay's the wrestlers base salary. Kurt signed with TNA almost immediatly, which brings into question the fact that WWE must have known that Kurt signing with TNA was a possibility. So why didn't they bind him to the no compete? See? That's what I mean about us not knowing the whole story.

It is important that you understand that these are my opinions only and I do not have access to inside information, and even if I did, I would not repeat it here. Or anywhere for that matter.

Well, that should do it. Thanks for reading, and I'll get back to you as my situation with the show, my training or anything else pertinent dictates!

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Friday, September 22, 2006


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First of all I would like to provide a heartfelt thank you to everyone who offerd a kind word of encouragment to my last blog about the casting for the show Wrestling Makeover. All your support is wonderfully appreciated, and it means more to me then YOU WILL EVER KNOW!

In keeping with my promise to keep you all in the know with all future developments, I bring some good/bad news. Well, not bad, actually, but just a minor setback. I spoke with Randy, the casting director, this morning, and was informed that the show was postphoned for the time being. I am not sure if WWE or USA Network pulled the plug, but he emphasised that it was POSTPHONED. He also said "When we get the word that it's back on, I will DEFINITLY give you a call". That part has me stoked to no end, and gives me reason to think their interest in me is in more then just a passing one. I don't know how many submits they have had, but I am sure it was more then a couple. But, it still means that, at least for now, TGO must continue to toil in reletive obscurity.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I could not do this without you all. It is because of you I have come as far as I have, and continue to chase this dream. I am getting closer by the day to catching it, and when I do, WE are all in for one hell of a ride!

Take care, all! I am off for the weekend for some more mat pounding action, and I, of course, will avail you of my exploits on Monday!


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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hollywood Bound?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Hey folks, do I have some exciting news for YOU! (Mostly me, WOOT WOOT!)

The first thing I want you all to do is look at the ugly mug looking at you in my profile. It shouldn't be hard to find, it's the one holding a sign. See it? You should as there are only two pictures. And as you may have guessed, that is me holding the sign. See it? Good!

Now what I want you to do is look really close because it is the last time you may be seeing me at a time all you faithful supporters can say "I knew him when!"

This is the deal. Thanks to my super talented, multi faceted, wonderkind cousin Dylan (, who may be the one solely responsible for the releasing The Great One to the masses, I might be coming to a TV near you in the future! That's right, TGO might be Hollywood bound!

Apparently there is a show that WWE MIGHT be producing in conjuction with USA Network tenetively called WWE Makeover. The guise is they makeover wannabes, for which case I clearely fall into said catagory, and put them on TV. I am not sure what you "win" but the exposer could be priceless! Anyway, I submitted myself, being the self promotion whore that I am, to the powers that be, and I got a call back from a casting director out of LA wondering if I would be willing to come in for a meet and greet. I, of course and in keeping with my dropping of the ball ways didn't answer the phone on account of I never turn my cell on when at home, it sits off and on the charger (and when not being lost somewhere, looooong story and none of your business!) so I just got the message. He called the other day! So I hope I didn't blow it! Anyway I called him back and he gave me a dose of my own medicine. I left a message.

So, I don't know where this is going, I hope I didn't phuck this up. But I will, of course keep you all posted in the events as they happen! PLEASE! collectively cross your fingers for me, and like I said, I am intending on bodyslamming my way to the top of the wrestling world, and I am taking all you who have been behind me and supported me from the beginning with me!

Toodles for now!


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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Wrestling Training ReCap 9/17
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If wrestling in singles competition can be deemed challanging to the unintiated, then three way's are that much harder. Toss in a four way tag match and it is damn near impossible.

But, more on that match later.

First match up was with my favorite opponent, Thrash. For those of you who actually delve deeper into my blogs then I give you credit for, Thrash is the one in the WAPW video that is fond of using the gore for his finish. Yes I was gored. Yes he pinned my ass. Yes, tons went on before the gore, so here it is.

The match went by pretty well, if I do say so myself. We didn't talk any spots out nor planned any elaborate finish, in fact when we first locked up it wasn't even discussed who was going over. This actually worked out good, as when you know the finish you tend to map the match out accordingly. This has to be done. However I must say it was very liberating in a way to just be able to go out there and let it flow. Of course my flows come in trickles, but hey, I'm learning!

To start the match we did the customary circling in the ring, but just before we locked it up, as he was coming in for it, I suddenly turned and took off the "Sieze the Weekend" beanie that I wear until it get's knocked off my head during the heat of battle. I don't know why I decided to take it off, nor why I picked that moment to do it, other then the dramatic effect it caused, but that's what I did. I turned to a fist full on in the face which sent me reeling to the ropes and the match, as they say, was on.

Thrash worked me over good for about three minutes, stuffing my comebacks at every turn while he worked over my head and neck. Finally I was able to reverse an Irish Whip, which I followed him into the corner with a lariat. After a couple of punches to the jaw, and a second or two instructing the ref on how to do his job and insisting that the rulebook was recently rewritten to allow full on punches to his ugly mug, I decided to employ the time honored tradition to chopping the holy living hell out of his chest. Now, since we are not in front of a paying crowd, I made the executive decision to hold back just a bit on the chops, as they hurt like hell. But Noah, another student extraordinair, said they looked like crap, so I whetted my palm with saliva, hushed the massive crowd of 7 or 8 with a finger to the lips, and laid one in that would have made Ric Flair proud.

"THANKS, NOAH!" Next time mind your own freaking business.

After turning away from Thrash and holding my now numb as hell hand and milking it for all it's worth, Thrash whipped me into the ropes, for which I took a tackle and he took the bump. I picked him up, sent him back into the ropes and he came back out and we double clotheslined each other. He got up at 6, I got up at 7 and he proceeded to Beal Toss me into the corner and stomp a literal mudhole in my ass. He then Irish whipped me into the opposite corner, I came stumbling out and took a Gore that damn near knocked my boots off. It was very impressive, and I took the best bump of the day, mostly because it was an actual 5 star collision, and the bump, well, what goes up must come down. It was very nice. He draped an arm over me, and that was it, 1-2-3.

Next I reffed a match between Elvis and Collin. Normally I don't avail you of matches that I am not in, but this one will be touched on, at least a small sequence of events, to illustrate how refs can, and often do get their asses kicked in the ring as well. Not only that, but it's damn funny.

Collin had Elvis down on the mat in a sleeper hold, for which case I was right there making sure Collin wasn't employing dastardly tacticts and illegally choking him out. As Elvis went unconsious Collin covered him for the pin. After a count of two Elvis kicked out so violently that his arm, and attached fist, flew straight into my nose. Tears came instantly, there was a funny smell, I saw bright lights and a copper taste immediatly filled the back of my throat.

Oh, that's not as funny as you might have thought, hmmm?

A couple of minutes later Elvis had Collin down for the count, and as a count of two was employed, Collin kicked out violently, and promptly kicked me in the freaking nose. Yes, you may all now laugh. I did at the absurdity of it, though it wasn't funny at the time.

My next match was with...Elvis. And a reciept was in order.

Actually Elvis is so new that a match with him is very basic, just monkeys. Somewhere in it all I had him in a front facelock and had his nose firmly implanted in my sweatty armpit. After I noticed it I got a smile in my face and let him linger for another 10 seconds, his account was paid in full!

Oh, Elvis won the match with a bulldog. And I am 0 for 2 on the day.

Before the last match that sent us home, I spent some quality time listening to Colonel DeBeers road stories. They ran the gammut from working with Scott Hall (Razor Ramone) to Buddy's run in WWE back when Bob Backlund was champ, to his rememberances of the famous (or not so infamous) McGuire twins (those of you in the know will remember the two twins who were in the Guinesse Book of World Records for the worlds heaviest twins, and who shot to fame doing the commercials for Honda Motorcycles by riding "mini" bikes across the nation.) They were trained by the legendary Gory Guerrero (Eddie Guerreros Father) and had a small yet notorious run back in the early 80's.

Ok. Now for the fourway tag. It was Thrash, Noah, Bud Barber and myself vs Collin, Elvis, (The newest new guy who I never remember his name) and Quiz. My team was heels and we were instructed to tag in and out very rapidly. So, not knowing the actual sequence of moves with each person well enough to call it, let's just suffice it to say it was fast paced. I got in the match vs Collin, for which I worked his arm over with an arm bar, then tagged out to (Bud?) I next got in with Elvis ( hot tag) and was subsequently clotheslined and stomped until Thrash entered the ring and pulled my ass in for the tag. The next thing I remember we were all in the ring and us heels were each in a corner working over the faces. We get a sudden ephiphany to Irish whip the four faces into a cataclysmic crash in the middle of the ring, but we were all reversed, and us heels did the crashing. I saw it on tape and it was VERY impressive. All four faces covered all four of us heels and we were all down for the count, and TGO went officially 0-3, my first shutout!

Now, why four ways are almost impossible.

First of all in a regular one on one you know what to do. You know if it's a gimmick match to employ the gimmick. You know if it's grudge match that it get's down and dirty. You know if it's a classic face vs heel how to navigate that kind of match. When you have 8 guys in the ring you run into several roadbumps like too much action, continuity, and the psychology of the match is overshadowed just by the amount of humanity vying for the spotlight. Which you have to do as it is your job. To be in the spotlight. The key is in making yourself look good in making your opponent look good, all while not burying yourself. It's very tough to do.

Before I close this out, a quick shout out to my cousin Dylan who may have hooked me up with the opportunity of a lifetime. THANK YOU!!! I will be sure to tell you all about it if something comes of it. Just suffice it to say....OH, I CAN'T! If you want to find out, keep me in your prayers, and I'll remember you all the way to the tv screen! (Hint Hint).

Thanks for reading, I am now officially going to bed as I am tired as hell and my nose is killing me!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

I have been woefully guilty of neglecting this blog thing as of late, for that I appoligize. However, in an attemp to be socially relevent, I am moved to write this entry. Actually, this post HAS to be written. It will bug me to no end until I do.

As I write this in the last 2 hours of the 5th anniversary of 9/11 I am reminded of my own personal rule to NOT write about politics or religion. Here, today in this post I will cover them both. What you are about to read are my own personal opinions, and as such hold no relevency to what you may feel. But this is my damn blog, and if you don't want to be offended, close this out now, because it's gonna hurt.

So, without further delay, here we go.

All day long the attention of every news source was in commemeration of the attacks on 9/11. As always, and every year since that dark day, I found myself getting very angry. Angry at the terrorist, angry at us, and most of all, angry at the United Nations. I will go into the UN a little later, first thing up is my opinion on Militant Islam. But before I will avail you all of my personal view on this we must first take a trip even further back.

On the morning of 9/11 I slept. All day in fact, on account of spending the entire night on the phone with the girly. I went to sleep around 7:30 am and did not wake up until 5 pm to a changed world. When I turned on the TV I was shocked to see a picture of the Twin Towers on fire (They had, of course, fallen way earlier, but I happened upon a shot of the towers shortly after they were hit) and then the screen gave way to the Pentagon with a huge hole in the side. What a way to start your day, going asleep with the world one way, waking up to another. Just call me a modern day RIP Van Winkle, if that isn't too obscure for those of you still reading this. That proved to me the argument that some day's just don't pay to get out of bed.

Fast forward to today. Five years is a long time to fight this here war on terror. In that time frame I have definitely formed my own opinions, and this is the way TGO see's it.

MILITANT ISLAM. You know, as opposed to the unMilitant Islamist. One may ask a question, how do we win this war on terrorism when you are fighting an enemy that is not afraid to die? I mean they strap on "suicide vests", go out amongst the masses and blow themselves up. Why? Because the crazy SOB's think that if they kill one of us "Infidels" then they will spend eternity up in heaven with 12 or so virgins as their reward from Allah. Let's dissect this a second, shall we? If such a reward was an absolute certainty, if one is to spend all of forever in Gods good graces, then why don't the higher ups of the terrorist networks volunteer for "martyrdom"? Why hasn't Usama Bin Ladin done it? Or any of the others? Man, I tell you, all Usama would have to do is strap on a vest and walk to the nearest sucurity checkpoint. In seconds he would be surrounded by unknown masses of infidel soldiers. One click of a button later and Mr Bin Ladin would be on his way to heaven and his 12 virgins. An eternity with 12 virgins might be one hell of an enticement, but to have 12 virgins for eternity begs the question that you could never screw them, or they won't be virgins anymore. Sounds more like HELL to me. But hey, I am just a lowely infidel, what do I know? Earlier I asked the question how do you win a war against people who are not afraid to die? Well, in my humble opinion, the answer can be found in WWII. We fought against the Japanese Army who were cut from the same cloth with their Kamikaze attacks on US Forces. What we did is introduce massive destruction on a scale never before seen. What that did was get the higher ups to see that they couldn't win. That to further their insanity meant certain death to all of them, and it saved untold thousands, if not millions of lives, both ours and the Japenese, in the long run. So the us of today sure could take a page from the us from yesterday, and we need to, or there may not be an us of tomorrow. KILL THEM ALL! To hell with being socially relevent, to hell with being responsible world citizens, kill all the crazy bastards and be done with it! Hey, we didn't ask for this. I would rather not have to slaughter a whole group of people but there comes a time when we have to do what we have to do. It's them or us.

Usama fought against the Russians in Afghanistan in the 80's with help from the United States and our allies. The Soviet Union pulled out and promptly went bankrupt, now Usama thinks that he alone is responsible for taking down all of the Soviet Union. And now he thinks that he can do the same to us. Hey, Usama! If you are reading this in your mountain cave, kiss off you prick! You didn't beat the Soviets, WE DID by bankrupting their ass over 40 years of cold war! At least the Russians have some honor, you're just a low life bastard who is so misguided that when Saint Peter runs your ass out of the Pearly Gates after we kill your ass, Satan will refuse your entry to hell because he doesn't want to play second fiddle to no one.

Politics. I like old George, I do. But, like all Presidents, he is a slave to precedents, and is unwilling to set any new ones. Precedents that is. Like all politicians, they feel this need to be all politically correct and to be responsible world citizens. In theory this is an admirable characterisitc, however, in all practicality, it is the exact opposite of what we need. As President of the United States of America he does have my full support in whatever he does. As an unofficial arm chair political quarterback this is how I would call the game:

Immediatly after 9/11 I would declare war on the world. Bush made the statement that either you were with us, or against us. And I would have meant it. Of course all practical people will state the obvious, that the President does not have all that power, that to actually declare war would take an act of Congress. But I would just throw out one of those fancy "Presidential Proclomations" null and voiding Congress and the Senate and make myself dictator of the world.

I would march my happy ass to United Nations BLVD and tell them fuckers they had exactly 72 hours to vacate the premesis. I find it ludicrous that we have to ask permission from them assholes to defend ourselfs. So UN? Get the fuck out, don't let the door knob hit you in the ass on the way out.

Then I would immediatly outlaw the religion of Islam. That would, indeed, be a travesty to all the peaceful Islamist out there, but while I am at war with the world I can't have a common cause for them Jihadist bastards to gather around. So, sorry, Islam is outlawed.

Iran? You want a nuclear weapon? Here, let me save you all that work in making one. We have a HUGE bomb here, complete with a little yellow ribbon painted on it, we are immediatly sending it postage paid. Don't think you will like the delivery method though. From the USA, with love!

Pakistan, bend over and kiss your ass good-bye. I am so sick and tired of you playing both sides of the fence.

Syria? There used to be a Syria. USED TO.

Oh hell, I'll just kill two birds with one stone. I'll send enough bombs of nuclear extraction to melt the sand into glass so clear you can see all the oil underneath that I'll take in payment for having to spend money on making war on you. That will solve our energy crisis and our terrorism problem in one swoop.

China, sit back, shut the hell up as I take out North Korea and make an example for all those in that immediate vicinity.

France? (Not worth writing about, but I think I would turn them over to Germany, we bailed them out twice before and all they do is talk shit back).

Usama. I would not leave one rock unturned. I would follow your happy ass clear to the moon to get you. When I catch you I will strap your ass to a chair, set it on top of the world highest building and let you ride that sum bitch clear down after I blow it up. No I wouldn't. I'd put you in a cage with nothing but a cement floor and put you on display. No I wouldn't, I'd let someone who lost someone at the WTC cut your head off with a butter knife. No I wouldn't, I would...oh hell, let me get back to you on that one.

The memorial to be built on the site of the WTC. I would rebuild the WTC using the original blueprints, adding an extra floor to each. What better a tribute to those who lost their life then to show those militant bastards that we are not afraid?

After I successfully wiped the world of the scourge that is Militant Islamist Torrorism I would, of course, announce a new Proclomation reinstituting Congress and the Senate, then step down and go back to being just me. Oh, but before I did that I would outlaw forever the UN and declare that they will never set foot here again.

Oh, the above picture? It is a satalite shot of before and after the WTC attack. If that doesn't anger you, then NOTHING will.

To all of those who lost someone special that day, my heart goes out to you.

To all the Armed Forces who are fighting a war that HAS to be won, my hat's off to you.

To all you Militant Islamist FREAKS, heres to sending you to Allah and your virgins. I just hope heaven has a gate between you and me, because when I get to heaven I'd hate to have to become dictator and do it all over again.


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Monday, September 04, 2006

Sorry for lack of updates, heres one!

Check out this event: PRO WRESTLING

Hosted By: American Championship Wrestling
When: Thursday Sep 07, 2006
at 7:00 PM
Where: Highland County Fairgrounds
604-609 John St.
Hillsboro, OH 45133
American Championship Wrestling

Click Here To View Event

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